Mr. Vivek Goyall

August 12: Be it accessible tech, new age automation, financial markets, or bringing a positive shift in the community- this man knows it all! Mr. Vivek has mastered his way through all walks of life, and this was not overnight. Ever since he graduated from college in 2002, he never once looked back. Today, his ventures are not only the face of new innovations in home technology, but his keen interest in social welfare makes him the one you can rely on.

Emerging from humble and rooted beginnings, he attended the St Paul’s School, Darjeeling, and then graduated from St Xavier’s College in Kolkata. This was the turning point that changed everything for the better.

Mr. Vivek joined his father in their family-run industrial technology business- Naresh Radio Corporation. He brought many groundbreaking concepts to the business and expanded into industrial spares used in all industries (i.e. steel plants, paper plants, solar energy, cement plants, auto, and auto ancillary units). Lately, he has ventured into, Technixia has been the best solution to all your home automation and electronic needs. As his endeavours were taking off, he grew a great network. He surrounded himself with alike-minds and eminent thinkers and started understanding how the financial market ran.

“Real estate sector was a rising sector in financial markets in the early 2000s, and I truly identified the importance of this new, booming sector in the market”, he says about the Unitech stock, which he, along with his peers, discovered in 2004. Mr. Vivek has now gained a world of experience in the stock market and will be very soon sharing his industry insights and tips. Having discovered numerous gems in the stock market, he aims to share all the knowledge he has garnered over the years and give out unbiased advice in financial marketing.

Based in the heart of Kolkata, Naresh Radio Corporation has been prevalent since 1965 and catered to all industrial electronic needs of Eastern India. Being an executive committee member at the All India Electronics Association and giving into his love for the art of living, Mr. Vivek has innovated greatly in the home automation and community welfare arena in recent years.

The Technixia Mobile App gives any user the ultimate user experience: setting schedules, connecting with Alexa, in-app remotes and regulators, and much more! Now, all your home switches are in your palm. Their other leading products include the Smart Energy Monitoring System, Smart Switches, motion sensors, T-remotes, and many more. There is no reason to deny that Technixia truly has it all!


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