Supreme Court has been made the butt of the joke recently after their verdict of fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya was made public. Giving verdict to a 2017 contempt of court the SC has stated that Mallya is to serve 4 months of jail time and submit a fine of Rs. 2000.

This is for Mallya committing “contempt of country by willful disobedience of court directions” as per Live Law. Mallya as four weeks to submit the fine and serve his imprisonment and if not done so his sentence will be increased by two months.

However, a lot of people have gotten stuck on the 4 months of imprisonment and Rs. 2000 fine for Mallya who ran away from the country in 2016 after defaulting on bank loans of a whopping Rs. 9,000 crores.

This led to a lot of jokes and memes being made around the verdict, but, all is not as it seems.

What Has The SC Really Said?

The Justice U U Lalit led bench on Monday, 11th July 2022 sentenced Vijay Mallya to 4 months of jail time and Rs. 2000 fine after finding him guilty on two counts of contempt of court. These were:

  • In 2017 when Mallya disobeyed its direct order to fully disclose his assets
  • Disobeying Karnataka High Court order that told him not to alienate his assets

It was found that Mallya had not disclosed a $40 million receipt from his account and instead transferred it all to his children.

Besides the main sentencing, the SC has also told him to “return the US$ 40 million that he had transferred to his children with 8 percent interest within four weeks’ time, failing which it said attachment proceedings will be initiated against him.”

A lot of people it seems just read the headlines and see the meager amount of penalty laid on Mallya without reading the full verdict. This led to a lot of memes and jokes being made around it, mostly mocking the Supreme Court.


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It seems like some people did read it though and tried to show that the SC verdict was not as lame as everyone thought it to be.

This does once again bring up the point of how most just read headlines and sensationalist breaking news without really taking a step and actually going through what has been said and done.

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  1. Can you explain? What is the actual story behind this harsh deadly verdict. Where people were fined lakes of rupees for contempt of court in small matters.

    Mr Dalaal. हमारे सर पर चू लिखा है क्या।


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