In Madhya Pradesh’s Morena, an 8-year-old boy allegedly had to stay seated for a few hours with the corpse of his 2-year-old brother on his lap while his father went to get an ambulance to carry his deceased kid home.

This tragedy has sparked controversy with some accusing the government of being “insensitive.” The event happened on Sunday outside the Morena district hospital, which is around 30 miles from the family’s home in Badfara village. A video of the incident was extensively circulated on social media.

The child can be spotted sitting beside the district hospital’s perimeter wall with his deceased brother (covered in white cloth), age 2, who died there while receiving treatment, in the 19-second video footage. So, how did the boy end up there?

Upon being referred from a hospital in a town named Amba in Madhya Pradesh, Pujaram Jatav, a resident of Badfara village, brought his two-year-old son Raja for treatment to Morena district hospital.

If you can gut it, here is a link to the viral video which shows one of the horrific realities faced by people of rural India:

They arrived in the hospital on Sunday morning via an ambulance, according to resident medical officer Surendra Gurjar at Morena District Hospital, as reported by PTI.

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According to sources, the child died of anemia and his corpse, due to the unavailability of an ambulance was not promptly removed from the premises.

The ambulance wasn’t accessible when the child’s father Jatav requested it from certain medical employees after the 2-year-old passed away. The child’s body was afterward transported in a police car, he claimed.

When Jatav left the corpse with him and went to call an ambulance, the deceased child’s 8-year-old sibling had to hold the body which was recorded on camera, according to sources, as reported by PTI.

In response to the tragedy, Kamal Nath, the head of the Madhya Pradesh Congress said, “In Morena, an 8-year-old innocent child was seen sitting in the hospital with the body of his 2-year-old brother in his lap. His father Pujaram Jatav kept pleading for an ambulance to take the son’s body to their village, but he did not get the vehicle for hours.”

Nath said that these occurrences were frequent in MP and urged Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to improve the state’s medical infrastructure and increase system sensitivity to prevent more occurrences.

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