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Dementia And In Homecare: Where Do You Start?


Many older people, when questioned, respond that they prefer to receive in homecare rather than staying in a hospice. It is, however, essential to note that as much as it may make them more comfortable knowing that they can receive treatment in a familiar environment, it can only work with the right kind of assistance. This is especially so if your loved one is living with illnesses such as dementia. 

Traditional care is facilitated by carers, who will visit the person’s home to manage the tasks that need to be accomplished. Such duties include personal hygiene maintenance where the person gets help to wash up and groom themselves. Typically, visits are scheduled as per the persons’ needs. 

One of the main benefits of domiciliary home care is the fact that it allows the person who needs it to have a certain level of independence while they are in a familiar environment. Additionally, they can also receive extra services such as one on one physiotherapy visits or help to attend medical appointments. 

Although patients who receive traditional care remain independent, it has some downsides. One of them is that the person receiving the attention may have to spend long periods by themselves.

In cases where the patient has dementia, traditional in homecare may not be the best solution. Some of the disadvantages that are associated with conventional home care for people with dementia include:

  • Your loved one having to wait for long periods before they get help with simple tasks such as feeding.
  • The carers not being trained to deal with dementia support
  • The overall cost of care may increase because of the need for an extra hand to handle the daily chores of the house such as cooking and cleaning
  • As the disease progresses, a loved one who has dementia may need constant attention to help with memory loss. This may not be possible if they do not have continuous care. 

Who Can Provide In Homecare For Dementia?

In homecare for dementia can be tackled in a few ways. For instance, family members of the loved one could be the primary caregivers. However, the ideal situation for people living with dementia would be to get a well-trained professional.

A trained nurse or carer would be the best person to care for a loved one because they have the necessary training to understand how the disease progresses. Deciding as to who should provide care for your loved one is a significant decision, and in most cases, choosing to work with a home care agency is usually the ideal choice. 

Here are some of the most common in homecare solutions that may be available to your loved one:

Personal Care

With this kind of service, your loved one can get assistance with personal grooming activities such as dressing, bathing, feeding, exercising, and toilet help. This is an essential aspect of homecare for people with dementia because they are prone to forgetfulness.

Additionally, as the disease progresses, they become unable to take care of their hygiene. In turn, such behavior may alarm family members and put them in distress.


Your loved one gets help with social activities such as visiting friends, going to the movies, and taking part in recreational activities. It is important to note that companionship services are suitable for your loved one who has dementia. Socialization is one of the most important aspects of living healthy. 

Your loved one will be able to share personal life experiences and thus not be as lonely as if they had been alone. It is vital to note that even though companion care is excellent, it differs significantly from personal care. For instance, a carer providing companionship to a loved one will be able to do some tasks and not others.

For example, they may be able to pick out an outfit for your loved one, but not to dress them. On the other hand, they can walk your loved one to the bathroom, but not assist them in using the toilet. 

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Skilled Care

Skilled care professionals for people with dementia will be able to assist with administering prescription injections and medications, providing physical therapy, and taking care of any wounds your loved one may have. 

It is usually conducted by a health professional that is licensed. Often, you will find that a healthcare agency manages these services once your loved one’s physician prescribes them.


If you only decide to enlist the help of a homemaker, the services you will expect of them will be chore such as:

  • Cooking and meal preparation
  • Housekeeping 
  • Shopping 
  • Laundry services

Before you contact a home agency for your in homecare needs, here are a few tips you need to consider.

1. Have your list of needs that you think should be met and how you feel the agency or carer should take care of them.

2. Screen care providers and find out if the help they will provide will meet your needs and those of your loved one.

3. Have a third party when you are interviewing a care provider. This way, you will have someone else’s opinion available concerning the impression your potential carer made.

4. Check the carers’ references. You need to do this so that you know the kind of person who will be taking care of your loved one. Additionally, it would be best if you asked your potential agency for the results of any criminal conduct background checks that they’ve done on your prospective carer.

5. On your part, you should be free with information concerning your loved one who needs in homecare. This will enable the carer to know how better to deal and associate with them. For instance, you can give information on memory loss and forgotten memories.

Additionally, you can talk to the carer about the history of your loved one. This will provide an excellent basis for conversation and companionship, and your loved one will appreciate that their carer went the extra mile to learn more about how to take care of them. 

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