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We Liv’ED It: Delhi’s Street Food Festival


Planning it since last year, I somehow managed to find people as big foodies as me and enter the Gate 14 of the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on the last day of the fest. And everything just started falling in place to help it make a memorable food gorging day for me.

Here’s who we Liv’ED IT:




Hours before reaching the place, I came across these reviews on Facebook. And was put in doubts whether to attend or not. But then ignoring them (because I had been waiting for the fest badly), I decided to go no matter what. Now after having spent practically the whole day there, I am happy that I made the choice. (Some choices are worth it feeling)


Neither did I have to wait for 45- 50 minutes for the tickets (rather it was faster than the Trade Fair or Book Fair Ticket Line), nor at the coupon counter for an hour. Yay! Even the weather God was on my side – 13th December 2015 was a sunny Delhi winter morning (previous day was chilly cold). Reaching at 12 noon sharp had its advantages – you got time to peacefully look through all the stalls and decide what to eat and no overwhelming crowd to scare you.

Setting out to satisfy those taste buds

It was clearly a non-veggie’s delight. Given winters, street food and Delhi – that was obvious, but I would say Vegetarian’s had the value for money food items. Over 100 stalls served the flavours of 28 states of India. Making a choice as to what looks nice what not, what to have what not was surely a task.

Starters are always chaat pakodi!


Wish I was a non vegetarian :(




Finally something to eat – Yippee

Vegetarian stall with items other than chowmein, burger and momos were like diamonds – Rare totally but worth it!


Sweet Tooth Ache




Roller Fruit Ice-cream served in what I may call noodles style – my favourite

These were just some of the delicious food I managed to remember clicking while devouring on the rest.

Spotted a celebrity? Or not! 

Somewhere deep down I was hoping to locate some biggies and flaunting to the friends who cancelled the plan. And yes a somewhat biggie did turn up. Cameras went clicking, people stood on the pavements to watch. Cheerful, I tried getting glimpse of the person amongst the sudden crowd and bouncers.

Look who I found. (Not really sure of my reaction then and even if I am its better keeping to myself) :p



After all it was a Street Food Festival organised in India, this was to happen. Never have I returned from a fair or fest without adding a new word to my Dictionary! (Hoping to find that fair soon) ;)


So those who have told you that it was not great, probably wanted to be the only ones to experience the flavours of Indian Street. Or possibly they ended up with a wrong company and were not able to savour the taste of the 7th edition of the NASVI Delhi Street Food Festival. Because from the food to the music to the Delhite’s dancing in sink, it was a memorable day indeed.


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