New Delhi, May 31: Young youth leaders like Anish Mohammad, aka Anish Abbasi, are reliable for planning and executing various activities that aim to positively impact youthful people’s lives in India, especially in Delhi NCR. Anish Abbasi knows how to work with youth in a precise area, such as religious groups, or work more extensively with all communities.

Why is Youth leader from Delhi NCR Anish Abbasi so popular? 

Anish Abbasi, a youth leader of Delhi NCR, is getting love from every community thanks to his social work. He comes from where background where he is taught to help every Indian without looking caste. Being a young leader, the marvellous thing about Anish Abbasi is that he works smartly with young people and understands what boosts them. He also knows how to plan events and actions to keep youth engaged and interested in the right things. 

Anish’s Personality is different from routine politicians and social leaders. He focuses more on his work than talking about unnecessary things like most social leaders do in their work. You will see him either helping people or in his business, and if not in these two areas, you will find him in the GYM. Yes, Anish Abbasi is the fittest youth leader of Delhi NCR.

A few things which he regularly does in his routine life as a youth leader and Individual are as follows:

Planning and handling community service projects. Anish currently manages a portfolio of Textiles, Security, and Hospitality Businesses.

Guide young ones on how to work for society. 

Anish’s role is vital in the ruling party. His duty is more significant than most. He plans activities such as camping trips or community service projects in Delhi NCR.

Strengthening relations with local firms and community people who can transform people’s lives in Delhi NCR.

He constantly guides youth to focus on health education, dispute resolution, leadership skills, and counterpart relations.

He believes in a good physique. Yes, if you see his body, no one in Delhi NCR has a fitter body in politics.

He organizes activities for young members, such as field journeys and party work.

Anish Abbasi does all these things without any expectation. He feels his duty as a youth leader is not to make money like others. Anish Abbasi is to work for the people and help youth in all departments. 

This young youth leader of Delhi NCR, Anish Abbasi, reminds others how to work together, even when we all remain apart. His courage and spirit are excellent illustrations of every young social activist in India. 

Serve Humanity without any anticipation because real happiness is when you do things with your soul and help the next-gen shine brighter.


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