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Delhi loves to flaunt brands



By Upasna Handa

The stark materialism that has emerged due to this, does not go hand in hand with warm human relations.

Every relationship and friendship is developed with a personal motive. It is not rare that two people meet for the first time, and make a step by step financial assessment of each other. In the first glance itself the brand of clothes, handbag, wristwatch, mobile etc. is taken into account. Then if considered status worthy, other matters of interest would obviously be place of residence, work, and children’s school.

To my mind it is crystal clear that these are not just attempts to a casual conversation. Each query aims at gauging your net worth. You yourself will see a remarkable difference in your new found companion’s reaction if you name, say a public school like ‘Vasant Valley’ as your child’s education centre versus a government school – ‘Kendriya Vidyalaya’. The interest in you as a prospective friend will be far greater if you name the former. Conversation will eventually sway to other items of high monetary value – latest models of cars, mobiles or property. Even if you end up talking on health issues, the name of the doctor or hospital you visit is sufficient to indicate your paying capacity.

 The sole purpose of such conversations is predefined – to impress the other by all means. In this scenario the response expected is mostly far from the truth. It is not rare to see affluent people shop for street clothes from ‘Sarojni Nagar’ market; but claim their entire wardrobe is the latest season’s collection from ‘Harrods’.
In case the consideration is for a marriage preposition, then the lies run into even deeper waters – fake degrees, burgeoning salary packages, and posh residence addresses are all a part of the package. Ask yourself how beneficial you would expect such an alliance to be. Today when more comforts and luxuries are available to us than ever before, it has not had a positive impact on our outlook. Life has become a mere hypocritical race to possess or at least show off the best brands. We don’t exhibit any magnanimity towards the less fortunate. In fact we promptly look down on all those who can’t afford expensive branded items. We should not get enslaved by this materialistic approach, and aim to be contented and happy no matter what !



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