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Is Family Responsible For Shaping Our Mindset Or Society?

Why people behave the way they do?


By Vidya Arasu

Many things come and go. Good health, sickness, love, joy, internal peace, technology, movies.

However, some things remain stubbornly prevalent- like gender bias, the wage gap, undiagnosed mental illness, and much more.

But what am I going to talk about today? Nothing specific. I can’t talk about each branch of a dying tree when its roots fail to get water. And on such note, I want to focus on the root cause of all the problems prevalent till this date- Society. Not exactly, though.

So what precisely is the issue? Society may be a general term, but I want to talk about the mentality of its people. Instead of complaining right away, I want to talk about what factors are involved in moulding a person’s character and mindset.

First and foremost, it depends on the type of people in the external environment. It is said that the character of a person is determined by the environment at home, but I believe that to be completely untrue. It is also said that the nature of our friends is reflective of our own, a theory that I partially agree with.

Why It’s Not Always The Case:                       


I’ve seen people come from broken families who don’t seem to let that bother them in terms of work and several other aspects of life. I’ve seen people from the most conservative and disrupted familial backgrounds be the most open-minded people I’ve ever met.

I’ve also been in a conservative school, where I’ve seen people coming from families in the media and fashion industry to be the ones most offended about every little thing, people from well-to-do homes to be the ones pulling others down, people with pets to be the most reckless with street animals.


When people are constantly influenced by others, there must be something or someone to start “influencing” in the first place. No matter how entrenched we all get in the various personalities around us, we are all unique individuals with distinctive personalities.

When one person does something true to his/her nature, like a little fire lit in a haystack, the trend/ idea soon spreads like a whole haystack that gets burned. These trends may be something as positive as feminism, and something as negative as ‘femi-nazism.’

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The Scale Is Infinite

This is the starting point for everything – from pure hatred, close-mindedness and everything negative; to love, acceptance and kindness. The scale is at its extremes.

This article is not an answer to what is to be resolved and how to reduce this instability, but rather to make you indulge in attitude-watching of people and reasoning- it gives answers about the making of a person. And in turn, it makes you more empathetic.

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Sources: Psychology Today, Journal Psyche, BBC Science

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