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Daulat Ram College (DRC): There is still hope.







This is article is especially for all those kids who have given their class 12 boards exams recently (now even those of you who have a sibling or a cousin or a girlfriend or a boyfriend seeking admission after boards are allowed to read it too. The rest of you are also invited to read it. Reading about other’s dilemma of getting into a good college is always great. Isn’t it? :P).

First, a very congratulations to all of you kids!! If your percentage is good enough to get you into your college, you’re sorted.

For the rest of you who did not manage to do as well you had expected, don’t hold your breadth. Its fine !! Its not always a disaster to not make it to your dream college. I speak from experience. Studying from Daulat Ram College may not be everybody’s dream. Right?

Its an all girls college. That’s the scariest thing. But trust me. Its actually better. For starters forget worrying about looking nice. Wear the ugliest clothes you have and expect for a few who will look at you with eyes of judgement, you will be fine. At least you wont have to worry about looking nice for your crush every morning :P



You can look like that and you will still be okay !! :D

Next, although may be not be the best college, its not so bad. You can still make the most out of what you have in this college. Giving up hope will only make things worse. So just cherish the fact you’re at least in DU and do the best you can in this college.

Here is a list of things you can do:

Participate in as many societies as possible. The drama society, debating society, dance society, fashion society or even join the college union. First thing, you ll get to know a lot of people, learn a lot of things, get attendance for free (okay only sometimes :P),and you get to ORGANIZE THE FESTS!! Whichever department you belong to (economics,commerce, psychology etc.,) you can step up and be a part of the fest!

This is the best part about being in any society. You get to make calls and meet with big companies and make new contacts. Organizing the fests is a different and a great experience altogether and no matter what college you’re in, if you decide to make it useful rather than crib about it, you will actually enjoy your college life.



(This is a glimpse of the economics society fest in DRC)

You can always be a part of  other activities in the campus like AIESEC, TAF, MUNs, etc.

Study hard. Don’t take college easy and try to maintain your aggregates @ above 80%. Remember you’re still competing with the best colleges in DU and if your grades are higher than your counterparts in those top colleges, you will feel like a warrior who has just won a war !! :D It will help you bring back any lost confidence and also with your post graduation or placement.

Be a part of the placement cell. Work hard and bring as many companies to your college for placements as possible. Interacting with new people will only add on to your confidence.

Next, the you may always experience some difficulty in making friends. What we have in school is completely different from what we might get in college. Just don’t have any prejudices and choose your friends carefully. Once you do, you will be beyond happy with your college life.

It might seem very boring. Life in DRC could seem to be hard but its on you to make it easy for you. You can have fun even in this college and you must. So don’t be disheartened about not making it to one of the top colleges.

And all the very best for this new beginning !! :)




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