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Danny Duenas – the sculptor of the only hip hop app of its kind, which is known to feature sensational hip hop Culture


My Mixtapez is not just an application but’s a hip hop sensation that has proudly done what the world believed can’t happen.

Danny Duenas is the protagonist in churning out fresh hip hop music through his application My Mixetapez. It has created a special place in the hearts of hip hop lovers by serving them fresh and new hip hop songs right away. The very sentiment behind creating an app like this first popped up in the mind of Danny Duenas, who is now the grand co-founder of the same. My Mixtapez is the number one application available for iPhone, Android, and Windows operating systems. It is having more than 5.7 million active users,  who stream some extraordinary hip hop beats daily on this app. This app is not just limited to listening but users can also follow up on the daily music news.

This application was founded by three brothers Juan, Ricky, and Danny. The world picked on them by mocking them, that they are pursuing a foolish idea. But the pure and persistent passion of Danny kept him going. And today he proudly says from the bottom of his heart and by raising his shoulders high ” I did it successfully what the world imagined once can not be done”. That level of fondly and endearing attitude towards his dream earned him fame worldwide. His idea behind releasing this app was clear and simple to help people enjoy hip hop and fetch smiles on the faces of youthful talent. In the year 2011, he bestowed fans a resource for discovering, downloading, streaming, sharing, and favoriting the freshest, dopest raps on the street. Needless to say, everyone knows people are just showering love on it since then.

Danny Duenas has a squad of dedicated employees who are working every day to bring handpicked and finest hip hop beats to millions of people through his app. The most amazing fact is that in this era of collaborations and partnerships,  Danny and his brothers hold 100% ownership of the company. But the determined brothers will not stop here and will keep on creating history. As they are planning to expand My Mixtapez to EDM and Brazilian music. ” It is all about constant hard work and firm belief”, as believed by the dedicated man Danny Duenas. Merely, words can never be enough to express the emotions that this man has developed in the minds of millennials who are hella crazy after the hip hop.

To know more about the app, follow it on Instagram@mymixtapez and visit the site,

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