For a company to succeed, beyond just having happy clients it also needs to have happy employees, that would put in their own effort and time in order to grow the business and reach out to more people.

Organisations also gain standing as reputable one only if it has happy and loyal employees, with companies that cannot prove this being considered untrustworthy and having an edge of being ethically incorrect.

Byju’s, however, seems to be having a difficult time in proving that with several employees coming out and revealing the harsh work culture there.

Byju’s Employees

A company called Context has recently carried out an investigation in which they surveyed 26 people, that includes 18 current and 8 former employees of Byju’s and inquired with them about their working environment, practices and more.

The edtech business founded in 2011 and quickly growing into a multibillion-dollar enterprise is one of the leading ones in the Indian sector currently, but the employees have something very different to say as per the findings.

The investigation as per reports revealed that Byju’s employees worked under extremely harsh conditions, clocking in long hours and even experiencing physical and verbal abuse. Apparently, they were also encouraged to mislead the clients and focus on making the sale by any means necessary.

Reports claim that according to WhatsApp messages, contracts, audio recordings, internal mails, and more that senior executives at Byju’s would pressure and threaten employees to work over 72 hours a week. Beyond that, they would also not be given lunch breaks, time off and sometimes not be allowed to leave the office itself if their targets were not met.

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Pratik Makhija, a former Byju’s salesman also has been quoted by reports claiming that he had to suffer “daily mental torture” while working at the company.

“You feel like you’re in a bubble or trapped at the bottom of a well, with no way to climb out and enjoy the outside world. There is no work-life balance. Zero,” said the 27-year-old who had quit the company in January 2021 after working in it for 18 months.

He also said that “We are treated like slaves. At what cost are they making their revenue, their valuation? By crushing us,” and how “It got so bad that I had to seek professional help, and eventually got diagnosed with anxiety. I get terrible flashbacks.”

This is reportedly after he had to rejoin the company due to lack of employment but was quickly suspended in August before he himself quit in October.

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