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What are curves really? Are they those fat-bulges that droop down from the top of your ill-fitting jeans? Or are they represented by that semi-circle we construct in geometry class? Maybe curves are those round juicy candied apples we devour on during the summer heat at grand-ma’s house or maybe curves are just your grandma! Oh well…low and behold, they may also be one of the sexiest women on the planet! Though, one thing is for sure, that most people have a general view about curves: FAT. Why? Well, maybe because half the time curvy people neither get clothes their size nor do they fit through windows, the same way, in which I was Queen Cleopatra and fed on crocodiles. Of course, through the course of time women starved themselves to look more like wooden planks, but the crux of the matter is that, at least in my opinion, curves on a body look appealing, the person doesn’t seem starved for god’s sake! Take the famous pop singer, Adele for instance, curves here, curves there, sings like an angel from above, hits all the right notes, makes you cry, makes that little girl Justin Beiber cry, wins some Grammys, owns the Grammy’s (figuratively of course), has a British accent, has an amazing personality, yada, yada, yada, what more could there be? I’ll tell you. In an interview she was asked about how she would ever make it big with being over-weight, she replied quite curtly saying, “I make music for the ears, not for the eyes”. BAAM! Whatya’ gotta say purple-doll-type-grotesque-looking-alien Nicki Minaj? Whose ‘Star ships’ are you going to fly away on in now? Good god. Anyway, so post that Adele went on to win 8 Grammy’s and shut the world up. adele-six-grammys-7e43d41a26402dfe99fdd9a1392de6f040c13b88-s6-c30 Hence, if we talk about ‘full-bodies’ and their relation with clothing, I’d have to say that, for instances, the Indian dresses were initially designed for the voluptuous figures of the native beauties- be it the queens, princesses, layman- since time immemorial. There was also this survey photo shoot called Real Beauty Campaign conducted by Dove to throw light on the differences between the women of the real world (who we are) and women of the modelling world (who some wish to be: Victoria’s Secret Models, oh, and hey Kate Upton fans! *wink wink*), of course taking into note that the images were obviously re-touched to some extent by the wonders of the computer world. The results were not horrifying but more-so an eye-opener which threw light upon the fact as to how drastically different the two actually were. With young girls between the ages of 15 to 30 resorting to tactics of throwing up leading to bulimia, eating disorders, anorexia, going hungry, trying to survive only on water the entire day and to an extent smoking, to achieve that ‘perfect mythical figure’ are ruining not only their lives but also putting immense mental strain on their parents. Most do this just to show off their looks and compete on famous social networking sites with their peer group or to attract unwanted attention (creep alert!), then put on a sorry façade for us to see, well, honey, you drove yourself up a gum tree, ain’t nothing we can do about it. Thus, girls, learn to love your body, be it short, super skinny, curvy, tall or otherwise; and why kill it slowly when you can enjoy it ‘complete(ly)’? Dove-real-beauty-campaign Melissa Mcarthy from Bridesmaids (She’s a feisty one), Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect (wasn’t she a fireball?), Sara Ramirez from Grey’s Anatomy (Who doesn’t love Callie Torres!), Yvette Nicole Brown in Community (Troy and Abed in the MORRNING!) and last but not the least Whitney Thompson who won the tenth cycle of America’s Next Top Model, is an ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association, and shot a Cover Girl commercial with Rihanna (People! Who let the smoke out?!); all these women are, I wouldn’t say ruling the fashion world, but are trying to change the face of it all. Alongside with them, moving onto our motherland, we have beauties like Vidya Balan, one of the first full-figured actresses of our age who’s just filled with panache, then there’s Sonakshi Sinha who has drop dead gorgeous eyes and lastly Huma Qureshi with her I’m-god’s-gift-to-mankind-with-this-smackin’-figure-I-don! Huma Qureshi Photoshoot for FHM Magazine Hallelujah to that my friends! I would quote a phrase that says “real men love curves, only dogs go for bones”, but that’s just downright offensive. Who are we to judge a person? And personally, I don’t have anything against skinny women, this is just to help spread a message that there is no ‘perfect body type’ just like there is never enough chocolate….mmm…chocolate…*blink*…any who, Homo sapiens, you must know that there are many kinds of beauty and different flavours of cheesecakes (if you know what I mean)!





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