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Cristian Marino: Here Is The Inspiring Journey Of The International Chef


From the streets of Milan and the shores of Lake Maggiore to becoming a well known and respected chefs in the world, Chef Cristian Marino is now a celebrity chef working in Dubai as Consultant. Marino also travels whenever and wherever needed to deliver consultancy and implement new menus for hotels and restaurants.

The international chef also posts regularly on his Instagram page and is known for being an excellent food stylist.

Cristian is arguably a well regarded culinary chef according to his references from general managers and clients in LinkedIn and others platforms. He had began his career in Calabria, Italy, where his parents’ used to run a restaurant. After gaining enough experience, Cristian had set out to create a unique mélange of global ingredients and learn cooking styles of different countries.

The tastiest journey of Chef Cristian Marino

Chef Cristian Marino has also obtained and maintained ‘The Golden Q’ from Ospitalità Italiana for all the Italian restaurants he has worked for. He has also achieved the ‘Silver Plate’ after his visit to the Accademia Italiana Della Cucina.

According to Chef Cristian Marino, food has always been an institution for him to learn more. He slowly started exploring delicious street foods of Milan and attending the hotel school in Stresa by the Maggiore lake which changed his view towards life. The chef started his journey as a chef working in the Silversea Cruise Ship as a Chef de Partie which experience gave him the opportunity to visit a very large part of the world. The popular chef didn’t stop there. Before becoming Executive Chef in hotels, Chef Marino had also worked in several standalone and hotel restaurants in places like Italy, Spain, UK, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia.

Cristian then joined Radisson Blu and InterContinental and worked as an Executive Chef in these hotels. After spending quality time there and achieving great results for the company and his personal career, he went to work at Marriott International, East Java-Indonesia, to work as a complex executive chef for two pre-opening hotels.

Cristian‘s commitment to cuisine and to the avant-garde has led it to defend the dialogue between the countryside and science, a total dialogue.

Cristian Marino was unstoppable and utilised the opportunity of being a delegate in the opening ceremonies of many restaurants as well. All this time he was also showcasing his talent and documenting food on his Facebook page. From hotel restaurants to a heritage hotel and cruise kitchens, Cristian’s career path in the food industry has been so inspiring for his fans and followers.

“You do not need to be a specialist or a MasterChef to cook food, your hands, passion and respect for the ingredients will show you the way to cooking a delicious recipe.” – Cristian Marino.

Cristian Marino inspires many youngsters to work towards their dreams. He had a very interesting journey in his career. The international chef keeps posting and sharing his day-to-day updates on social media. You can follow him on his social media handles to know what the chef does in his everyday life.

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