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Serial author Marc Kage releases his third novel ‘Connected To Me’, a romance book that has garnered raving reviews


Marc Kage, author of CRIOS and Axel Amigos, has announced the release of his third novel, Connected To Me. Kage was inspired to write by his own experiences as a young person looking for connection and trust in the midst of the negativity that often surrounds social politics. He hopes that his work will encourage readers to be kind, take chances on others, and respect differences. 

Connected To Me features Aoi Kanemoto, a Japanese certified genius with a shy streak. After struggling to find a job in the fast-paced tech industry, she wonders whether her distrust of others will always hold her back. Although loving, her family doesn’t seem to understand her at all, not the way they do her little sister, who seems poised for the success that Aoi yearns for.

When Aoi meets Christian Sterling in a local ramen shop, his gentle demeanor and love of tech is only disarming enough for her to chat for a few moments before anxiously fleeing. The next morning, Christian and Aoi are shocked to discover that they’ve switched bodies. As Aoi navigates the loneliness of Christian’s life and Christian confronts Aoi’s strict parents, they begin to develop a mutual respect that quickly turns to love. But what if they’re never able to switch back? And if they can’t, will their newfound romance survive?

Fans of Freaky Friday and Your Name will enjoy this refreshing spin on swapping bodies under the strangest of circumstances. With vivid prose and compelling dialogue, Connected To Me combines the adventure of magic with the powerful draw of finding belonging in an uncertain world. Kage’s masterful exploration of themes like identity and acceptance will resonate with teen and adult readers alike. Reviewers praise Connected To Me as “intriguing” and “a fantastic look at how two people can build a strong relationship through understanding and empathy.” 

Marc Kage lives and writes in Maryland. He can be found on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/mkage5/ and writers looking for inspiration may be able to find it through his inspirational quotes. 

Connected To Me and Kage’s other works are available for purchase on Amazon.com.

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