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Complexity in Simplicity


By Rhea Grover

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Simplicity, in the “simplest” form can be defined as the absence of complexity. But what exactly does simplicity mean in our lives? Before looking in to that, let’s first look at complexity. Well, in today’s world, people have a funny habit of behaving differently with different people. They wrap layers of different personas and personalities around themselves because they’re so scared of what people will think when they see what really lies within. So, to mask their real individuality, people fake indifference and nonchalance. They undermine others to make themselves feel big and try to stick close to other “big” people.

This has the reached a point that today, when you meet someone, you aren’t really meeting them, you’re meeting their representative. And this representative will keep on transforming into a completely different person based on the surrounding people.

This is the complexity within our lives. Then what is simplicity?

Simplicity is a state of transparence, one where you allow your real thoughts, beliefs and views to be visible to all. It is a state of truth where you do not attempt to hide yourself away from the world because you know that it is only your opinion that matters.

Unfortunately, it is not something that we can easily attain. My school teacher once told me, “One can go from being simple to complex but to go from being complex to simple is extremely difficult.” However, it isn’t impossible. Basically, you have to stop being scared of what other people think of you. You should be more concerned of your own opinion (you really know you’re in trouble when you start to think low of yourself!) And stop faking emotions. Let people know how you really feel. Because at the end of the day what makes humans different from other animals – and even different from each other – is this individuality. Each person forms a piece in the puzzle of the world and you can’t try and fit this piece somewhere it doesn’t belong, no matter how hard you try to make it fit.

Try to treat people the same no matter how different they might appear (I mean treat them equally well, not equally badly!). Act the way you feel, stop trying to feel the way you act because you’ll only be lying to yourself.

And the ironic thing is, once you attain this state of simplicity, you’ll be ready to take on life’s most complex problems!


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