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What A Comic Show! : Delhi’s Very Own Comic Café And We LivED It


What A Comic Show! is perhaps one of the coolest places in Hauz Khas for all the comic book fans, serving some great food and providing a great ambience with it.

Located in the SDA market of Hauz Khas, this is a really innovative café with a total comic-themed decor that comes with some pretty amazing comics which you can read there, superhero figures, HUGEEEE posters and a whole lot of superhero merchandise.

So, to share our experience here, let’s go into a bit of detail :

1. How to reach here :

What A Comic Show! is located in SDA market, which is near IIT Delhi. The closest metro station is Hauz Khas and you can reach SDA market from the metro station by an auto rickshaw which will probably cost you 20-30 bucks.

2. The ambience and decor of the place :

As one might get the hint from the name, What A Comic Show! offers a straight up comic-ey dose of interiors and decor, with the place filled with comic books on its shelves, superhero merchandise, stick figures, a really cool looking bar and very spacy interiors.


Overall, it’s a pretty cool place to bring your friends or for a casual date.

I wouldn’t recommend the outdoor seating since the indoors are so much better, here.

3. What we ordered?

Our order was not as huge, but we did order 3 things.

The first was the cheesy chicken fries, the second dish was the jumbo chicken dumplings and the 3rd dish was the Oreo shake.


4. The service :

The service of the place is quite slow but the staff is very friendly.

5. The food and its taste :

The food was pretty much worth the wait.

The first dish which we tasted was the cheesy chicken fries, which was amazing.

The potato fries were coated well in cheese accompanied with some dice sized chicken chunks in the entire dish. The portions were great and the dish had a very comfort food feel to it, which made it all the better.



The jumbo dumplings from What A Comic Show! were JUMBO indeed. 4 huge chicken dumplings in a bed of Schezwan sauce with a pretty cool chicken filling and a mildly spicy and tangy sauce a pretty great dish!

The next was the Oreo Shake, which was quite similar to the other Oreo Shakes we’ve had but all in all, it tasted good with all the chocolate flavor, served chill.

6. Prices :

The prices of the food and drinks (alcoholic as well as non alcoholic) are pretty moderate and you won’t mind spending a little more for the vibe and ambience of the place.

7. Overall experience and report card :

The place is a must-visit-atleast-once for all comic fans for a casual dining experience, since it offers some really cool superhero named cocktails and good food.

And here’s our report card for What A Comic Show! :


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