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If Directors Were Chocolates Which One Would They Be? Sanjay Leela Bhansali = Gems?


Every chocolate is unique. So are our Bollywood Directors. A common thread runs through all of the films of a particular director.

So we at ED decided to look at the chocolate equivalents of Bollywood Directors.

There are high chances that your favourite chocolate turns out the equivalent of your favourite director.

1. Sanjay Leela Bhansali = Cadbury Gems

20151230_194905 (1)

Year after year, SLB comes out with movies that are larger than life, sets which are so majestic that watching those films on television is a big no. But his love for colour never dies. Be it Black, Saawariya (Blue), Ram leela (Red) and the latest sepia obsession in Bajirao’s song Deewani Mastani. SLB and gems: it’s all about colours. And no mater how many different colours there might be, the inside is the same.

2. Vishal Bharadwaj = Cadbury Bournville

20151230_195007 (1)

Easy to relate, don’t you think. Bournville is about the magic of dark chocolate and Vishal is all about the dark films. You don’t just buy a bournville you earn it. And similarly you don’t just watch a VB film, you live it.

3. Yash Chopra = Nestle Alpino


‘Love is to Share’, that’s the tagline of these variant of Nestle product. With those romantic thoughts on piece of paper with the chocolate, no one better than Yash Chopra is the synonym. Yash Chopra has immortalised love for millions in India and that too in all forms of love, be it love as a sacrifice or love as obsession or unbounded love.

4. Abbas Mustan = 5 star

20151230_195224 (1)

Abbas Mustan – the Ramesh Suresh of Director Industry. Just spot two people always together in white suits, they are Abbas Mustan. Both are complementary. You can’t put Suresh away from Ramesh and so can’t you do away with Mustan from Abbas. Thriller genre in Bollywood owes to Abbas Mustan.

5. Rajkumar Hirani = Snickers

20151230_195639 (1)

Satiating hunger is what both do. Hungry for good films, Rajkumar has the perfect recipe of the content and fun mix films. Snickers and Hirani films are enjoying as well satisfying. And not to forget you end up emptying popcorn bucket so double whammy, hungry no more.

6. David Dhawan = Kit Kat

Untitled-1 (2)

Comedy is always the much needed break. Kyunki kit kat break banta hai and so is a David Dhawan film required. Amidst the content and commercial romance films, comedy films are the pauses needed for rest.

7. Sooraj Barjatya = Cadbury Celebrations


Both are perfect for family. Sooraj Barjatiya films are all about family relations, values and traditions. And Cadbury Celebrations, the box of assorted chocolates just right to cater varied tastes of the family members. ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’.

8. Rohit Shetty = Perk


Light, sassy yet crunchy: perk and Rohit Shetty are mirror images. Probably Rohit Shetty has perk with glucose energy before saying action on sets, because flying cars and unimaginable action sequences requires a different class of energy, perk energy.

9. Kapoor Clan= Dairy Milk

20151230_195743 (1)

Last but not the least is the evergreen Dairy Milk chocolate. The chocolate for all occasions, ages, genders, moods etc. They were, are and will remain the winners in chocolate race. So is the aura of the first family of Bollywood, the Kapoors. From Prithvi Raj Kapoor to Raj Kapoor to Randhir Kapoor, every generation has had a successful directorial career. Their films are considered classics and are still loved by all age groups. Timeless is the word for both the Kapoors and Dairy Milk. ;)

How great it would be if the chocolates these directors love turn out to be our imaginative equivalents! Let us find out if that’s the truth.

Till then, write to us in comments if you have other director – chocolate pairs in your mind.



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