TISS (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai) has submitted a report to the Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission (MSHRC).

The report says that a special procedure should be followed in case of admission/transfer process in schools for children of single mothers or from conflicted homes.

Formation of the report

This recommendation of dedicated Government Resolution (GR) or Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) made by TISS is formed based on experiences of various respondents/stakeholders.

Among the respondents are thirty social workers of the special cell set up in police stations which was a part of a field action project of TISS, court judgments related to Right to Education and counselors in family courts.

Rationale behind the report

The report shows that children are the most affected ones in case of unhealthy marriages or divorce. This is because of denial of admission due to formal absence of fathers.

Besides this, mental health of such children can be highly disturbed due to the situation at home which can result in absence of enough opportunities to prepare for entrance examinations.

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The report focuses on cases in which students are denied admission on lack of formal requirement of father’s signature or details. 

The report’s field work shows that often women continue to face domestic violence even when they have a chance to put an end to it. One of the reasons they do so is the concern about the schooling of their children.

It also showed how the number of these cases has increased.

The report recommends the state government to take notice of the problem and set aside a budget for schooling of children of single mothers who have moved out from their husband’s house because of domestic violence or divorce and face lack of support.

It also recommends a sensitising program for teachers and principals, where they are told how to handle these cases.

Recent development

After a recent incident where admission of a seven year old boy of a single mother has been allegedly cancelled in a Vashi school, Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission has asked Chief Secretary Ajoy Mehta to make a committee and look into the recommendation made by TISS.

TISS has also been directed to form a panel to study the same issue and concerns that single mothers have and are afraid of in regard to the schooling of their children.

Sources: Mumbai Mirror, Indian Express

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