AIB aka All India Bakchod was at a time one of the biggest comedy channel/group in the country. 

It was just barely an year ago when AIB was at the top of the game, with thousands and lakhs of followers, and were considered to finally cement the comedy industry in India and give competition to the west. 

Then the whole fiasco in October of 2018 happened when various members from AIB including Ustav Chakraborty, Tanmay Bhat and Gursimran Khamba were all accused of sexual harassment and being inappropriate with women. 

After that, it seemed like the speedboat of success that AIB had been on came to a screeching halt and the whole company came tumbling down soon after. 

In the aftermath, Tanmay and Khamba both were stepped away from their position in AIB, and the company went on a rest for an undefined time. 

Now, in an Instagram post, Tanmay Bhat has after a long period of silence, talked about his mental health, fear of coming back and more.

While many are supporting him, the way it was worded and the timing of it all seems very suspicious. 

Is It Just A PR Stunt?

AIB’s Instagram and Twitter accounts just revived after months long break and clearly are trying to establish itself once again with the few fans they have left. 

A friend made a very astute comment that, “Don’t you think there’s even a tiny bit of coincidence that as soon as AIB became active, Tanmay posted his rona dhona video?”

And I do have to agree that the posting of the video as soon as the company is trying to get back to working is not looking all that innocent. 

Another reason could also be that the AIB Instagram for that matter is not as funny as it once was, the memes and jokes are generic without any real creativity to them. 

In the midst of all this, Tanmay Bhat posting a clearly emotional video of how he is suffering from depression and that he is afraid of coming back etc is all looking like a big PR stunt to straighten out his reputation and also to gauge what kind of perception the public has of him. 

Depending on which he would take the next step and work on clearing up his image. 

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The Wording Of The Video

The fact is plain and simple, he allowed a sexual offender to work under his company, did not listen to the women who were complaining about it and now he is paying for it. 

That is why the way he spoke in the video seemed to me as if he was being emotionally manipulative. 

There were several instances where this point struck me:

#1. Talking About Past Fame 

The video started by Tanmay iterating how there were so many people who were asking and messaging him, wondering where he was and how he was. 

It seemed as if he was establishing how he still has a fanbase and making people think of his past work etc.

#2. Using His Body Issues

Another point when it felt like the video was trying to incite sympathy was when he mentioned his body issues and said ‘Someone who looked like me’

Obviously using how he used to be a little on the healthy side and how over-sized people have to bear discrimination and all. 

#3. Lose Of Jobs 

One point where he mentioned how many people were fired or had to be let gone of during the controversy did not sit right with me. 

It felt like we were supposed to feel guilty that all those people lost their jobs due to some truth that had to come out one day or another. 

The wrong deeds that were done by Utsav and others at AIB had to come out into the open, that is more important than anything. 

He then also mentioned how he was diagnosed with clinical depression and how he was worried that “State of paralysis is permanent” or how he “get super worried that I would never get back to being who I was or operating to my potential.”

It was also the constant repetition of how people are supporting them and rooting for them that did not sit well with me. 

However, all those things would not have mattered, had he really addressed the points that people were expecting some answers of. 

In the whole video, Tanmay did not address anything that happpened with Utsav, how it is alleged that he clearly knew what he was doing and that it was making girls uncomfortable. 

Neither he ever mentioned the girls, their situation or outright apologised to them for his actions. 

Had he touched those topics too, perhaps it would not be suspicious, however, just simply talking about himself and how he is having such a rough time is not putting him in a good light. 

Even Aditi Mittal commented on this video in a tweet:

Even Mahima Kukreja, the woman who first brought the situation with Utsav to light, talked about this in an ironic tweet commenting on how no one inquired about the mental health of the women who were affected by all this. 


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