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CGRN KennyMan: Turned his life towards music, helping others to do the same


Music is an integral part of human life. Humankind and art cannot operate without one another. We have the deep desire to create, whatever it may be and however small or monumental.
The interaction with music is unavoidable. People have always found music meaningful in their lives, whether for entertainment in listening, the enthusiastic response, performing, or changing life direction.
Classical music or contemporary concert music both kinds of music have immense worth for our culture; however, the difficulty we all know in this field is that this music is little understood. As a performer, musician and artist, it is artists responsibility that others can learn to enjoy the art for which they have utter passion. We found one rising talent who has given his life for music and also helping others to do the same. We are talking about famous musicians and performer CGRN KennyMan.
The youngster is defined in his path to make a definite change in the music industry and society as a whole with his group ‘Chain Gang Rich Nation’. Yes, after coming out from trouble, he has become a big devotee of music. It has changed his life and not only that his chain group is giving a positive vibe with their music.
According to Kenny man if there is anything that can improve the world for the better; the most influential thing a person can get is music.
The challenging period of KennyMan’s life made him understand the importance of music and thus, he, along with others in the centre started creating their music.
This gave rise to ’36 Shit’, a group by KennyMan which later got converted into ‘Chain Gang Rich Nation’. It was in 2016 that the artistic talent got released from the prison and this range of his took him to an altogether various journey of life towards music. He happened to meet Ralofamgoon, and that changed his life forever.
KennyMan today works for all those rebels like him in prison and his associates who are still imprisoned, through Chain Gang Rich nation. He is putting in all his attempts in being the voice of all those even behind bars.
With his Chain Gang Rich Nation, KennyMan also wants to flow around as much as positivity as he can through his music productions, giving them strength and encouraging them to rise above their struggles in life.
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