October 8: Diwali is renowned as the festival of lights. But it’s much more than that. It is the time of year when people clean their homes; go shopping for everything from clothes to gold jewelry, and host family gatherings. Diwali is all about spreading joy and bringing prosperity into your home.

So, how do you prepare for that? Of course, by giving your homes a Diwali makeover! In addition to traditional duties such as cleaning your home, we have a few suggestions to make your home glitter like new.

Start With The Walls

Probably the most versatile spaces in any house when it comes to aesthetic potential, walls are often ignored or given less attention than they actually deserve. A case in point is the absence of good wallpapers in many homes. A room that feels too large may be instantly made warmer and cozier by hanging dark, velvety wallpaper; if you have a small room that needs to feel bigger and lighter, a neutral or metallic wallpaper will brighten and provide interest.

Wallpaper offers the following benefits:

Wallpaper is long-lasting and can last for more than 15 years, making it an excellent investment.

When properly hung, wallpaper can last three times as long as paint.

If your walls are imperfect, high-quality wallpaper can disguise surface flaws.

Paint is available in various colors but only in two finishes: matte or gloss. Wallpaper is available in multiple designs, textures, and effects.

Turn To The Floors

Next up, we suggest that you get some rugs for your home. Home decor rugs may appear to be a minor addition to your home at first glance, but the reality is quite the reverse. Rugs have numerous advantages that improve the appearance of your home and serve as practical solutions. Especially as it gets colder around Diwali, a rug with pads is a more efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home. Rugs, especially those made of wool, are warmer than hard flooring and better insulators than hard flooring since they trap heat and make your atmosphere cozier.

Look Towards The Windows

Now that you have sorted the floors and walls, you might notice that the curtains need to change. After all, they are one of the most important pieces of home decor that also serve an essential purpose. A good curtain can add loads of personality to your living room. Consider the appearance you want to accomplish, the type of your home, and, most significantly, the ambiance you want to create when choosing curtains for your home. Also, do not forget to match them (or contrast, or compliment them) with your new wallpaper and rug!

Revamp Your Living Room

After bringing in a new look and feel to your walls and floors, it’s time to craft a new look for your living room! Afterall, this room sets the impression of your home and should be treated with the love and care it deserves. Instead of blowing your budget on new furniture, why not revamp it by changing its whole look and feel? You can choose some opulent upholstery from the Drape story collection at SPACES, that will make your living room look new again! To complete the look, check out handcrafted cushion covers, table mats and coasters from the Spun collection, and voila! You’ve got a complete makeover for your living room sorted.

Don’t Forget Your Bedroom!

Finally, let that cozy freshness of your living room seep into your bedroom, and get some new bedsheets and comforters. Diwali should be celebrated with a riot of color to mark this auspicious occasion. And what better way to begin than by providing the hosts with a selection of bed sheets? SPACES has a large selection of bedsheets online in vibrant colors and fascinating designs. In addition, bed linens in brilliant ethnic prints are available in collections such as Hygro Cotton, Atrium, Regalis, and others.

The weather begins to cool as we approach Diwali, heralding the arrival of winter. As a result, comforters and dohars make lovely additions to your bedroom and living room, especially if you enjoy sharing the warmth of your home with family and friends. Comforters come in several styles, including the Hygro temperature-regulating collection, organic cotton skin-safe collection, and Antiviral vital collection. Additionally, you may browse the Earthy Tones collection, Essentials Cambric collection, Welspun Soft and Reversible collection, kids line, and more at SPACES.


Let us explain. The market is most glorious during Diwali, and everyone is trying to grab your attention with their best offerings. So, you may wonder, even though you know what you want, how can you choose the avenue to buy it from? As always, we are here to help.

This year, we are just enamored with the SPACES/ Drape story collaboration, offering wallpapers, curtains, blinds, cushion covers, and upholstery. It is a unique joining of hands of two industry giants to create something of exceptional aesthetic value. You will find no shortage of unique options to choose from and can check the SPACES website and browse through all the offerings in this collection.

Regarding rugs, bedsheets, and comforters, brands like SPACES are once more putting their best foot forward with exceptional products and collections that cater to various buyers. Whether searching for a modern aesthetic or going for a regal, luxurious look for your house, you can find it online on their website. Collections like the Silky Soy, Ritu  Kumar, and Bamboo Charcoal showcase the mastery of SPACES over various visual styles. This Diwali, give your house a makeover and leave no SPACES without newness.




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