The culture of appreciating films has been a big part of our lives. Every generation has grown up watching films, and in some way or other, these films have influenced their lives.

For Indians, the red carpet has just become a place for us to witness the out-of-this world attires and jewellery of the Indian actresses. We like to compare them with each other and bet who would pull off Chanel or Gucci better.

Apart from this, there is more to The Cannes Film Festival. It is a place where we celebrate and cherish universal love towards the art of moviemaking and viewing.

Celebrities from across the globe, attend this two-week festival and it is one of the most exclusive invite-only party along with the most extravagant red carpet that attracts a lot of showbiz.

If you too love movies then, this is a must-to-know event. So, without further ado let me introduce you to the most anticipated event of every year.

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Festival De Cannes (pronounced as “can”) was first held in 1946 by historian Phillipe Erlanger who was inspired by the Venice Film Festival. The festival was first supposed to be launched in 1932 but got cancelled due to the brewing of World War 2.

It kickstarted again on 20th September 1946 and showcased movies from 21 different participating countries. Due to lack of monetary funds in the later years, the event had to be ceased but since the 1950’s the festival has flourished and become one of the best annual events.


It is a two-week long event in which around 20 films participate for the top prize; Palme d’Or (Golden Palm) which is given to the best film out of all the entries.

Few of the yesteryear movies to the receive the prize are; The Tree Of Life, Pulp Fiction, Shoplifters etc.

There is a whole set of juries that sits for various other categories apart from the grand prize. They honour documentaries, short films made by film students etc.

During the period of two weeks, there are other events like after parties, special screenings, midnight screenings, special tributes etc.


Cannes Film Festival is not regarded as the most prestigious film event for nothing. It honours and cherishes the creative art and the hard work that goes into making beautiful and astounding movies.

When Phillipe attended the Venice Film Festival, he observed that the movies were accoladed under the influence of Hitler and supported Nazi propaganda. He created a vision of celebrating and producing film art without any political influence.

To date, the festival gives a platform to various artists from across the globe and help them launch their careers.

It is a central place for various film-related people to gather and showcase their ideas, exchange views, sign contracts and in all work towards coproduction of art while treasuring extraordinary films and artists.

From presenting an opportunity to display fashion to film art, this small town from the south of France has successfully managed to maintain this tradition and is still a dream destination for anyone who loves films and art.

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