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The Candy Crush Saga Lessons!!



Candy Crush Saga!
This sweet, tasty and overly delicious game has become our lifeline! You unlock your phone to hunt news and you end up clearing levels after levels in Candy Crush. You feel soo accomplished, isn’t it?
Well, we blame Candy Crush for wasting so much of our ‘valuable’ time but have you ever wondered that Candy Crush is so much like life! And it teaches you some very random things about life too!

1. Perseverance


You try soo hard to match the right candies and form the perfect combinations! After all you still have to clear so many levels, right? This ‘stupid’ game teaches you perseverance.
The same is with life!
Persevere in life till you reach you goal! Put your heart and soul to overcome everything that stops you. Fight till the end and do your best. And don’t worry life will definitely reward you. Sugar Crush!!

2. Be brave


Wonderful! Level completed!
Now that you are determined to cross every level and move ahead those black,brown and chocolaty things out there are bound to stop you.
Life does that too. You face challenges and obstacles that put you to test but that will definitely happen! After all you are progressing in life…They have to come. But never be defeated.Fight them back.
How ironical is it that those chocolates you loved the most become your biggest enemies! Sometimes that happens in life too!

3. Bang! I did it!


You are deadlocked! And there it is!
Ahh that joy!! You know it,right?
Candy Crush gives you those so very special boosters to help you cross the ‘turbulent’ jellies.
Life too gives us such golden opportunities. Never does it make you feel helpless. It will shower opportunities in your life. It’s now up to you how to make the best out of them.

4. I want help!! Friends!!

ccs ask friends

Pay or Ask a friend?
‘Arree, dost hai naa’!!
Is life being too harsh with you? Don’t worry yaar. Look around and you know the way out!! Friends!!! You so love them and they are definitely your saviours.
Catch hold of them! Request them! And you shall have it!

Isn’t this game so much like life? Well,whatever it is.Live life with the same spirit with which you play this game! And you will never be defeated!



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