Earlier this week Selvam, an elderly fish seller woman, was forced to deboard the bus for the “odor” of fish in Kanyakumari. Now again, the belongings of the family members hailing from the Narikurava tribe were thrown away and forced to deboard in the middle of the street.

Unheard Pleas For A Seat

According to sources, the family of three- a visually impaired man, a woman and a child was going towards Tirunelveli. A few minutes after boarding the TNSTC (Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation) bus from Vadasery bus station, the crew forced them to get off.

A video of the incident has been shared virally on social media. The visually impaired man was struggling while getting down from the bus. The child was crying constantly and pleading to board the bus. 

While the woman was voicing out against the conductor. The bus conductor threw away the cloth sack and was ignorant to their pleas.

Tears of the agony of the child pervaded the street.

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Suspension Of The Bus Crew

The Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation has suspended the bus conductor CA Jayadhass and driver C Nelson. After the inquiry and statement of suspension, TNSTC Nagercoil Region General Manager Arvind has commented that these kinds of acts are strictly prohibited.

Many are expressing their disbelief that the authorities should have suspended them. Netizens are saying this kind of behavior needs strict penalties.

Division Of Class/Caste In Commute

The discrimination of the fisher seller and Narikurava family alludes to contemporary India’s definition of Indianess. The economy of class and caste has always marginalized the indigenous community.

The profession of selling fish or burning funeral pyres are always deemed disgusting by society. Unless you are the change, this kind of behavior will always persist.

When this happens on your commute to work, stop the bus and help the marginalized community around you.

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Source: The New Indian Express and India Today

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