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The new generation is growing up to be fiercer and bolder than we ever were and more so than we can probably ever hope to be.

Because where for every, “If he can do it, why can’t I?” we have only ever heard a, “because he’s boy and you’re a girl”. And where at times, that was more than enough to deter us, these kids will not deem that explanation remotely good enough.

There is a change happening. You might have noticed it. It’s tiny, but it has caught my eye and now I can’t look away. And neither should you.

Where 10 years ago, the number of strong female main leads – that I could look up to for advice and guidance – were few and far between, today with the onslaught of characters like Wonder Woman, the female Ghostbusters, and now, The Doctor, the new generation is growing up in a society surrounded by strong women shaping their thoughts and actions and beliefs.

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We didn’t have that, growing up, did we? We were surrounded by male actors with actresses in the background being used as props to assist the story of the man.

We are so used to being benched that when an actress gets ONE amazing role in a movie, we are OVERJOYED. Because FINALLY, we were being represented in the right light. And the thing is representation matters

And these kids will not settle for that one role. This new era, where every second movie has a female lead, is their reality and if someone tries to offer up anything less, they will not accept.

They won’t bow down and take what they are given. They will fight. And what’s more? They won’t have to be taught to be fearless. Because Brave was one of their favourite films, wasn’t it?

And they know they won’t have to wait for a white knight in shining armour to help them because they grew up watching Wonder Woman slaying her enemies and saving the world all by herself!

I can’t wait for these younglings to grow up!

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