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We have all been there, it’s Thursday night and all you want to do is lie down and eat, sleep and/or snuggle. But there is too much work and you need to get up at 6 in the morning and rush to your office/ school/ college.

This midweek drain is not uncommon, happens to me every week. The daily grind that all of us go through and the toll that it takes on our body and mind is very problematic, as it dis-incentivizes us to work harder. Just compare the level of excitement and drive that you have on a Monday vs what you have on a Thursday. Thursdays are atrocious.

I have received a lot of suggestions from friends and family about what to do. Sleep early, wake up earlier, eat better, work out. Well, I tried all of that, DID NOT WORK! I was still in a position where I was begging for Sunday to come.

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This left me high and dry. I loved doing what I did, I wanted to be better, but simply couldn’t because my productivity went down post-Wednesday. Then it hit me, why could I not have 2 Sundays instead of one, a sort of a midweek siesta.

No, no. Hear me out. A midweek holiday would do wonders for productivity. People (myself included) would work harder when we knew that a holiday was at most 2 days around the corner. It would give me a boost, both physically and mentally, and finally, make me stop bi***ing about how tired I was.

Now while I entertain my fantasy with this utopia of a midweek Sunday, I am totally aware of the fact that this is never going to happen. In this 24x7x365 world, where work never really stops, the loss of even one day is against the interests of many.

But wouldn’t it have been great to just lie down, relax, binge on Netflix, eat and drink, twice a week?

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