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We have been told since childhood to be afraid of the monster or shadow sleeping under our bed. Various movies, comics and more all further promote this idea, and why shouldn’t it. That dark space under our bed, where things go to vanish and never be found is a mysterious place indeed. But there was one time the opposite happened.

I had been studying and working since early in the morning. The clatter of utensils in the kitchen and the giggles of my flatmates had evaded my ears. The light of the sun had shone throughout the day and disappeared beneath the horizon, without me noticing the change, or the dark shadow under my bed. I did not realize it would ultimately help me sleep at the end of the day.

My eyes, ears, and brain were glued to the pixels on my laptop screen. Maybe the shadow was also seeking my attention, but I was too busy for that.

By evening, the blue light of the laptop screen had bored holes in my eye sockets. A light sigh came out from under my bed.

My brain was swirling due to excess information and my eyes were drained out. As I headed out for a walk and switched off the light, the shadow shuffled into action, waiting for the right time to strike.

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The pretty changing colors of the sky attempted to infiltrate my mind, but it was still too locked up. As I was walking, I let all the outside stimuli wash over my senses, not letting my phone bother me.

When I returned, I prepared to take a nap. As soon as I flipped the light switch, the darkness under my bed crept up my walls. I looked at it, as it looked back at me. Its moment of glory has finally come, when it can engulf me in its horrifying abyss.

But I looked at it, blinked, and finally found peace. The plain nothingness of the shadow was soothing for my eyes. It had no complexity, no irritating details which had no relation to my life. Just like a black sheet with no ripples.

Up till then, useless information had been racing inside my head, giving my senses a living hell. My concentration was battered, and my ability to react was growing defunct.

But the shadow offered me a vent to channel out the trash. I looked at it as if it were an angel. Then sleep came rushing to relieve me of my stress. Within seconds, I was fast asleep.

The shadow helped me sleep. It was confused, and pretty embarrassed that it could not do its job properly. The digital world had robbed it of the power to scare people, who want nothing more than a few hours of peace, even if it comes from a boogeyman.

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