September 5: Keeping up with the regular chores of life and balancing the work and play paradigm, many of us forget to take care of our health. From sedimentary lifestyles and hectic schedules, most of us have forgotten the fruits of perfect health.

Gagan Dhawan brings his first hardcover publication, The New Me- A Guidebook to Perfect Health, to help readers embrace the wonderful side of life. The book explores the mechanisms of perfect health by offering one-stop solutions to all lifestyle-related problems. Effective diets, workouts and healthy habits can go a long way to improving your health, and the book takes no shortcut to bring this fact right in from of the faces of the readers. To address both common and unique difficulties experienced by the average individual, research and expert consultations led to the creation of “The New Me.” The book aims to offer advice on how to introduce adjustments to everyday routines and have a happy attitude throughout it all.

It takes self-motivation and self-control to overcome personal obstacles, and this book teaches readers how to comprehend and cultivate healthy habits to accomplish more and experience more success in all facets of life.

About the author

Gagan Dhawan was raised in the nation’s capital. Hailing from a defence background, he studied in several schools around India, experiencing and absorbing the national spirit along the way. A successful entrepreneur is bringing on inspiring tales about leadership, self-reflection, spirituality, and health to inspire others. Also known to spearhead, ServDharm, one of India’s most prominent devotional gifting franchises with a presence in multiple cities across the nation.

About the book

The book’s 14 chapters provide readers with advice on how to live healthily. Each chapter covers regular workout regimens for the readers to stay in shape. Water intake, early sleeping, bedtime, meditation, yoga, dietary advice, how to be better than yesterday, healthy thinking, self-control, healthy mind, avoiding drinking, how to quit smoking, daily habits, protein foods, and many more topics are covered in detail.

The book offers excellent information and motivation for the readers, which is very helpful because many people had to work and study from home during the COVID and didn’t have time to go to the gym or engage in other outdoor activities. This book will guide readers in developing new daily routines to keep themselves in shape. Get your hands on the book exclusively on Amazon.



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