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After a really huge two-year pandemic period, in which literally everyone in the world was locked up inside their homes, it was almost impossible for me to believe that after completing half of my graduation sleeping in front of my laptop, and attending classes with less/no interest, Delhi University colleges are finally going to operate offline. 

As I sit in my hostel room today, sipping a cup of coffee and watching the sunset, I realize that Delhi is the ‘CHANGE’ I’ve been looking for for the past two years.

North Campus, Places, And Food? It’s A Win!

Apart from the intimidating stories and air pollution rants that we get reminded of when we think of Delhi, it is a place to be for someone who is genuinely interested in going out and living a different life. 

There’s nothing new to say, but living in North Campus has to be on everyone’s bucket list. The DU Campus life, Sudama ki Chai, traveling in the metro, and the late-night Yulu rides with pocket-friendly yet amazing street outlets cannot be missed.

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When you’ve just moved to a new city, you can’t afford to be idle, can you? That’s exactly what Delhi forced me to do. Delhi has it all, from small cafes to heritage sites. It also combines the amazing beauty of ‘New’ Delhi with the aura and authenticity of Old Delhi. 

Foodies should spend a few years in Delhi. The city has it all, from delectable main courses to super awesome street food and atmospheric snacking spots where you can try cuisines from all over the world. I’ve always been a foodie, and Delhi has never let me down.

Though it was initially difficult to manage monthly expenses, you will not be sorry when you are surrounded by an amazing group of friends/family.

A Better Physical And Mental State of Being

The pandemic has negatively affected everyone’s physical and mental health, particularly that of the GenZ. And the sudden re-opening of colleges has helped us overthink less, and work more.

Working in the physical/offline mode has made me more efficient, intaking wholesome food, and staying hydrated, which has resulted in me becoming more physically and mentally fit. I no longer cry over people; watching other people here in Delhi, work all day has helped me shift my priorities and focus on goals more often.

Meeting new people, learning about them, their concerns, and living together has taught me a lot about people and life. And, without a doubt, staying away from my parents at the age of 19 is an accomplishment in and of itself. From learning how to use a washing machine to managing my time, I’ve mastered it all!

Honestly, I didn’t find Delhi waale as Dil Waale, nor the heat, and while no city is perfect, I thoroughly enjoyed my two months in Delhi for the reasons stated above.

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