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Ah, the Navratris. Full of love, cheer, and Kuttu. Mata Rani ki kasam, I hate kuttu.

Since childhood, for two 9-day periods a year, there is no garlic, no onion, and no haldi in food. If I fast, I am supposed to eat either only fruits and veggies or that weird brownish thing that frankly tastes like chalk dust.

Do you know how hard it is to live without onions? Half the fast food is out of your reach, and the other half wasn’t worth having anyway. At places like McDonald’s, the only thing you can have are fries and ice cream. And if you have to attend a party during this time, good luck with your mocktail-only dinner.

I can’t even imagine the pain non-vegetarian people go through.

It would have been fine if the alternative was good enough. But what do we get as an alternative? Kuttu.

It’s like if you handed in your Mercedes Benz in for repair and they gave you a Maruti 800 to use for the 9 days it was being repaired for.

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Firstly, as I said Kuttu doesn’t taste good. It had this dry texture and makes you want to drink water right afterward. If I had to fill my stomach using water only, why the hell did I go through eating so much extra chalk dust?

What’s worse is that we use it to make LITERALLY EVERY KIND OF VEG DISH IMAGINABLE. Pooris, pakodas, parathas and so on. Additionally, we eat it day in and day out.

Stuffed kuttu pooris

For breakfast, there is Kuttu tikkis. For lunch, Kuttu pooris. For evening snacks, oh there are some scrumptious kuttu pakoras. And for dinner, ooh STUFFED kuttu pooris.

And you know what the best part is? All of these things are fried, dripping with oil. Kinda defeats the point of fasting right? If the purpose was to have a lighter diet (which according to my mum IS the purpose), having all that oil in your system is bad, if not horrible.

Be that as it may, I personally cannot live on just fruits and veggies the entire day. If that means I have to consume oil soaked kuttu, so be it. Doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.

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