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A year or two back I used to have the perception that going out to fancy clubs and cafes was the thing which made me cool. One always has the perception that going out is always fun, but for me, it is to party at home.

A couple of days back, I went to check out some of the new stylish rooftop cafes in Logix Mall Noida. Apparently, my experience was as terrible as it gets.

Party at home or clubs?

My first mistake is going out to these places on a weekend. One should never follow the crowd. I’ve learned my lesson to go out on a weekday rather than a weekend.

Getting into the mall took me half an hour itself. With the rush, obviously, there was a shortage of parking which is the case with any popular place in Delhi-NCR.

Then there was the waiting time which was bearable. As soon as you enter there are tons of people inside. Whenever I tried to move my hand on the dance floor someone or the other got struck.

With my first glance at the menu, I was puzzled. The food and booze were so expensive.

When you’re paying an exorbitant amount of money you expect that same level of food and atmosphere there. These cafes and clubs tend to give you ordinary food and you end up spending so much on it. I’ve realised these places can only serve you booze and some nice bar snacks.

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As far as booze is concerned, they are at an inflated price everywhere. A beer pint of Rs. 100 might reach a minimum of Rs. 350 at these places. What fun will you have if you cannot drink and eat properly because of these ridiculous prices?

Thirdly the noise levels make you feel you’re at a concert. I was literally not able to talk to the person sitting next to me. It made me speak at the top of my voice with little benefit as it wasn’t audible.

Cheap alcohol is always a blessing.

With time I’ve realised I am better off to party at home than going to these places regularly. One can order cheap food (even at Rs. 9 now) and get booze at a cheap.

There is this peaceful environment where you can casually do whatever you want, whether it is dwelling into deep and meaningful conversations with your friends or dancing at your own pace and songs without disturbance.

Also for us, being preoccupied with work throughout the week makes it very exhausting to go anywhere by the end of the week. We are simply too tired and relaxing at home is the best option at that time.

Of course, this is very cost beneficial too as well as makes time with your friends worthwhile.

So just a worth of advice. In my experience, I’ve hardly had my money’s worth whenever I have visited these fancy clubs and cafes to spend quality time, don’t know about you.

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