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Everyone has some or the other stressors in their daily life and when you talk about them with your friends and family, the first solution they would give you is meditation. Feel familiar? 

One advice almost every person around me has given is to try meditating and deep breathing, but somehow it made me more agitated sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, it is very peaceful and refreshing for some. However, I believe it is not the only way to go into a trance-like state to refresh your mind. 

The purpose of meditation is solved through dancing for me. When I dance, I retreat to my own space for a while forgetting about any stress I had been facing.

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I find an outlet for every negative thought and repressed emotion and that is more relieving than meditation. Another reason why I find meditation less effective is that when I try to sit and concentrate, I end up overthinking about stuff that wasn’t even stressing me out in the first place.

But when I dance, I feel so much more re-energized that I deal with all problems with so much more ease.

On days when I have neither physical nor mental energy to deal with the world, playing instrumental music or just violin tunes and swaying in any random way calms me to a great extent. And on such days meditation feels more like Sunday school. 

I also think that for everyone there is one activity which is meditation-like and calms their nerves in any possible situation. All you need to do is think carefully about what the activity of yours does that for you. In this sense, meditating is more like a peaceful state of mind rather than just deep breathing to induce positivity.

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