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As it turns out, growing up with a brother or sister can sometimes be difficult because you have to share almost all your belongings with them, but it becomes even more difficult to cope with a sibling relationship if the age difference between the two is large.

Being an only child can mean that he or she is greatly pampered by their parents, and often, as a result of this, they grow up as spoiled, ill-tempered, and arrogant individuals. On the other hand, having a brother or sister means a constant source of support. From being a friend in need to acting as your partner in crime, you know someone will always have your back.

Sibling relationships also educate an individual on the importance of sharing and having a balance in life. Most importantly, one never feels bored or lonely when he or she has a sibling at home.

However, if the age gap between two siblings is vast, then one can find it tough to bond with their considerably older or younger sibling. Both siblings in such cases suffer from not being able to properly connect and greatly miss out on happy childhood bonding times.

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Siblings with a significant age difference often share interests, hobbies, dreams, and goals that are polar opposites of one another. This causes a rift between them. Being a part of two separate generations, they struggle to find a common ground to communicate with each other. However, they end up discovering the incompatibility between them.

I have a sister who is 10 years younger than me. No doubt, I love her more than anything, but when it comes to sharing a personal incident or a private emotion, I have to turn to my friends; obviously, I cannot expect my 11-year-old sister to console me after a breakup or motivate me to focus on my career.

Growing up in the same household under the same parents yet having an oblique emotional gap between each other can be significantly difficult to cope with. The two siblings, with a large age difference between them, receive very different treatments from their parents, and this can also give rise to jealousy, envy, and sibling rivalry.

Doctors and family planners often suggest that parents try to keep a minimum age gap between two consecutive pregnancies so that the two children can get along with one another and have a happy childhood.

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