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Parents are every child’s first teachers. From the time they are born, most of the things a child develops and learns are taught to them by their parents, even their behaviour.

It is true that how a child behaves in the house or outside, is the responsibility of their parents. However, I feel that holding parents responsible every time for their child’s behaviour and blaming them, is wrong.

Whenever a child does something wrong, like fight or use foul language, we are quick to say, “This is what his/her parents taught him/her!” Though the fact that a child learns majorly from his household is true, we can’t deny the fact that a child learns a lot from his surroundings as well.

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24/7 a child doesn’t stay home. They go to school, interact with their peers, expose themselves to media, go to extra-curricular classes, and more. Hence, as much as we hold parents responsible for a child’s behaviour, the above-mentioned factors are also responsible.

As hard as we might try to control their behaviours, all of these above factors also play an essential role in a child’s development. Children are fascinated by what they see around them, and sometimes either willingly or forcefully, they incorporate these behaviours.

For example, whenever a child either uses foul words, acts weirdly in public, smokes, etc., we must never pass the judgment that their parents taught them all of this.

Instead, we must be open to the idea that a child cannot always be enveloped by their parents, they have to explore and while doing so, they incorporate things from their surroundings, be they bad or good, which in turn tends to become their personality. 

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