Post-pandemic the desire of people to get closer to their inner being and seek nirvana is the most popular thing on the internet. The Aastha channels are not the only ones imparting spiritual knowledge now. The spiritual gurus and devis have sabotaged the Instagram reels now.

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Any issue whether in friendship, love, or faith, there’s a 30-second life-changing ‘reel’ answer for it. These hooks engage the lost gen z that is the audience. Spirituality Instagramming is helmed by women influencers. These women are not typical hermits and are in their 20s. These gurus prefer peace over perfection. 

Simplification Of Messages

Jaya Kishori modifies the traditional folktales of Krishna to fit them into a 30-second reel and make it Instagram-friendly. Reels dealing with friendship, loneliness, self actualisation are some of her most popular reels. 

27-year-old Kishori who lives in Kolkata, has more than 7 lakh followers on Instagram, 19 lakh followers on Facebook, and 22 lakh followers on youtube. People instantly connect with her as ‘Jaya didi’ helps simplify the messages from Mahabharata and give them life lessons. 

The Question And Answers Format

Chitralekha, a 24-year-old spiritual influencer hailing from Palwal, Haryana discovered her love for spirituality as a child while visiting temples. Her Instagram and Facebook handles are a perfect combination of social and spiritual.

The Print reports, she said,” I have made Insta a medium to convey my words to the people.” Lovingly called Devi by her followers, she posts reels in question-and-answer formats. Her reels are clear, direct, and to the point.

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Ushma, 14 years old, is also one of the emerging spiritual gurus on Instagram. The Print reports, “to date, she’s posted only around 30 kathas, or sermons, on YouTube and 354 Instagram posts since she joined the platform last year. But in a short span of time, she has gathered 8,000 followers on Instagram and more than a lakh subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Ushma said, “I get a lot of support from my teachers. If I have to travel to give a Katha, I can leave school early. I also get extended leave for four to five days.” Her days are busy. When she’s not doing homework or preparing for exams, she’s writing kathas, creating reels for her Instagram handle, and updating her social media accounts.

The Spiritual Market

The Indian spirituality market is pegged at $40 billion in a 2016 report by the Economic Times. This industry offers mobile applications for pujas, prasad, bhajans, astrology predictions, and Vastu experts.

The more followers the spiritual influencers attract, the more sponsorship they get. The print reports that a young woman said that she gets paid between Rs 1- 1.5 lakh for her sermons. To stay popular she has to update her profile with short reels almost regularly. 

In the age of technology, the spiritual gurus and Devis have also maintained their pace. Their successful combination of reels and inner peace, questions of life, and its answers in 30 seconds have made spirituality grow in leaps and bounds. 

Everyone is now a follower of some spiritual influencer. The primary question arises- if the influencers are so wealthy in knowledge then why do they need material wealth they despise?

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