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The past few years saw a rapid increase in artificial intelligence and there are bots for almost everything.  As technology is advancing with time, so are we. It would be naive of us if we didn’t.

As a content writer, it becomes extremely difficult for me to survive in this world of artificial intelligence. From the process of ideation to finally writing down the piece of content, everything is possible with AI. 

All you have to do is type in the correct prompts and it will give you what you need. A perfect and trending example of such an AI is ChatGPT. Mention everything you need and in just a matter of 10 seconds, the answer is presented in the screens in front of you. 

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In such a scenario, it becomes overwhelming and the thought of your job slowly getting snatched away from your control starts disturbing you. Well, at first, even I was troubled by this thought. 

However, sooner I realised that this is not possible. The idea that AI will take over my job is not true. Because ultimately, AI is just an advanced version of Google search. AI can give you the information, however, it is a human being who fact-checks, gives it a structure, and most importantly, adds emotion to the content piece. 

Otherwise, it is just a mere piece of machinery text. It adds zero value to your life or connects you with the audience. The liveliness in the scripts cannot be provided by an AI tool. It is we who do this. 

And hence, this gives me a sense of security. Because, at the end of the day, I know that AI is just providing information, but emotions and liveliness, or you may say the final garnishing, is what only we can do! That can never be replaced by AI. Never.  

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