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Today I am going to reminisce about a trip to West Sikkim that I had been on with my mother and her colleagues. It may sound like I am espousing spirituality, but that is not the case, so you need to bear with me. It was at the end of my school life, and my love for mountains was just growing back then.

So our large group of around 10-15 people ventured from Kolkata around mid-June. We were heading for Uttarey, a village in West Sikkim. I was quite excited as the summer heat had really gotten on my nerves, and I was frantically wishing for some respite in the cold mountains. 

Uttarey, West Sikkim

We reached Siliguri via train from Kolkata, and then booked cars to our destination. When we finally alighted at the place, I was dumbfounded by the pristine beauty of the little village. The lack of tourists was why it was so peaceful, and just watching the local villagers quietly going about their daily work soothed our eyes. Uttarey was also very near the border, and locals showed us a point from where Nepal started.

We put up at an isolated hotel, a few meters higher from the main village. I did not notice it after arriving, but later I saw it when I was out for a walk. Our hotel overlooked the village way down below, and sported a magnificent view of the hills around. But it also had a Buddhist monastery at the back- that’s what I found.

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The colorful walls and pointed roofs were shrouded in a mysterious haze. I started shivering as I approached the fog. Then I had a strange feeling. Something told me I was meant to come (back?) to this monastery. It was the first time I had been here and so I felt a little scared, but at the same time ecstatic.

I went inside the monastery and walked on the narrow path that encircled it. The serenity was profound, and a calming sense descended over me. But that mysterious feeling faded away by then. This memorable incident still gives me goosebumps when I recall it.

After hearing this you might be thinking that I am very religious. On the contrary, I am the exact opposite. Still, this experience moved me very much, although I cannot accurately define what feelings greeted me that day. Whatever they were, I cannot deny that a Buddhist monastery tucked away somewhere high up in the mountains is certainly very beautiful to me.

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