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As we all know, fashion modeling is a glitzy, high-paying career, but age is a solid determinant in picking the right models. The world of glamor and fashion thrives on its power to appeal to people. Hence when it comes to teenagers posing as fashion models, reactions vary from positive to negative.

Businesses need appealing advertisements, and many people find teenage models to be cute and adorable. But the added pressure and lost school life are drawbacks, and other people criticize such early exposure to a mature industry like modeling. 

Our bloggers Palak and Sumedha are here today to argue for and against the statement- ‘Teenagers should not be fashion models’. So let’s see what they have to say!

Blogger Palak’s Opinion- Teenagers Should Not Be Fashion Models

“Fashion modeling is for people who are 18+ as they are more mature and sensible” – Palak Dogra

Fashion modeling is a world full of glam and glitter and teenagers get easily attracted to it when they see the ramp shows and fashion shows on television, believing that it’s all fun. However, what they don’t understand is that within this glittery world, a lot of hardships and injustices live. I believe fashion modeling isn’t for teenagers, here’s why. 

They can be easily exploited

All of us have heard experiences of models where they have spoken about the cheap favors people demand in return for work. Though it can happen to any gender, mainly girl teenage models are affected by it.

They are so in love with the industry and want to get into it so badly that they feel that fulfilling the demands of people is okay. However, these decisions that are taken in the heat of the moment fire back at them later on and change their whole life.

Mentally and physically exhausting

Models have to work during odd hours and in uncomfortable locations at times. They are usually surrounded by a lot of people who are also working to make the shoots an easy process. Female models are asked to maintain a zero figure by dieting, adhering to irrelevant standards of beauty, and being conscious of what they consume.

They also have to be very careful regarding what they put on their skin like moisturizer and sunscreen so that there are no breakouts. Male models are asked to maintain a certain shape and a good body.

Both males and females have to take special care of their bodies and work at odd hours, which can get mentally and physically exhausting for teenage models and might also disturb their health and routine.

The matter becomes more serious because the teenage is a period where their bodies are evolving and if during this phase, they are asked to follow such strict plans, they might become insecure about their bodies as well.  

Studies can be affected

Teenage is a period when they are in middle school and going towards high school, the two most important phases in school life. As we discussed above, fashion modeling isn’t an easy job and it requires one to give it their all.

On the other hand, schooling also demands one’s everything in order to succeed and score well. Hence, if one focuses on modeling, then school life can suffer and vice-versa. 

Thus, in my opinion, fashion modeling is for people who are 18+ as they are more mature and sensible. They are much more capable than teenagers to tackle these issues. Not that they won’t be asked for favors, made to work during odd hours, asked to maintain their physical personality, and manage studies and modeling both, however, they will be at a certain age where tackling and adhering to these demands will be much easier. 

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Blogger Sumedha’s Opinion- Teenagers Can Be Fashion Models

“Teenage models can face competitions later in life with refined confidence and self-esteem.” – Sumedha Mukherjee

When teenagers kick start their modeling career at an early age, they play their cards early. Hence in the long run their career would be unlikely to fail them. Also with the assistance of proper mentors and supportive parents, teenage models can have an exciting and engaging childhood.

Some of the benefits that children accrue upon entering the modeling industry are as follows.

Growth Of Self-Esteem

In the fashion industry, children have to work with a lot of people. In progressive intermingling with people of diverse backgrounds and expertise, children get to build their confidence and appreciate different individuals.

They become confident in their own skin and do not get nervous before the camera. Contact with adults who have years of experience can teach children valuable life lessons.

Such exposure to professional people leads to a healthy growth of self-esteem. Teenage models can face competition later in life with refined confidence and self-esteem. Also, they are exposed to competition that teaches them how the world really works.

Positive Work Ethics

With early access to a work environment, teenagers get a chance to hone their professional attitudes. Being in the early stages of learning, teenagers can quickly pick up good work ethics from supportive peers. This paves the way for a smooth adaptation to tough work environments in the future.

Handling Rejection

The modeling industry has a wide spectrum of both supporters and detractors. Also it is far from easy to land a good job under a famous fashion designer or brand, and often people find themselves coping with massive failure.

So early knowledge of this reality helps teenage models in the long run. Child models learn that not everyone will appreciate them or their work. Hence they learn how to handle rejection and criticism and lead an unperturbed healthy lifestyle simultaneously.

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