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Hey, it’s February already! WHATT?!?

Where did an entire month of 2018 go? Man, we’re all getting old!

Besides my existential crisis, another thought that’s up my head this fine morning is ‘Valentine’s Day’. No, don’t worry. I am not planning a date.

I am just like all you singles and loners out there who are going to feel ten times more single/lonely this Valentine’s Day.


While all the couples can’t stop planning their Valentine’s Day date during this time of Feb, all the singles submerge their sorrow in huge tubs of ice-cream! GUILTY?!?

But wait, what are all you singles sad about?

Let me just give you an insight into a Valentine’s date. Valentine’s Day means all places are going to be expensive af, not to forget overcrowded.

The gift shops and decor of every darn place will be super red, not to forget the cheesy quotes and way too many hearts.

ANDDD don’t even get me started on the pre-Valentine’s day week, all those teddy-rose-and-shit days. Valentine’s is all about spending way too much money and effort into waste.

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All you singles should be happy about not having to put so much effort (& money) into planning something for someone only to have them complain about things you missed out on in your plans.

Plus, you get to invest all this time into something better and you know, productive!

In fact, so many brands and cafés celebrate singles and give so many discounts on anything and everything. You can just spend your day shopping or spend some quality time with yourself!

What are you sad about, again?

It’s okay if you don’t have a date this Valentine’s Day. I know it’s gonna sound super cliché but how about taking yourself on a date?

That’s it for my little blabber session this week, see you next week over another cup of coffee, breakfast & chit-chat. Tada!

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