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Netflix has become a verb now. It is not just a simple term or just a normal activity anymore, it has become a lifestyle.

I often find myself speechless when people start talking about which kind of shows they watch on Netflix or what show’s next season they are waiting for. I just don’t have an answer.

But on the contrary, if you ask me which show comes on which channel and at what time I will be able to answer that instantly. I dislike watching Netflix but I just love TV.

I don’t get the obsession people have with it. I swear I have seen the annoyance in people’s eye when they hear that I don’t have a Netflix subscription.

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I have no specific deep reason for this but I simply will never get a subscription. Maybe because I know I will get addicted to it and waste my time watching shows that will never influence my resume.

Call me old school, but I loved my childhood days where I used to fight with my brother for the remote and where I had to watch all the ads too. No matter how annoying it was, I loved it. And I still do.

I and my brother still fight over which channel to watch and we still enjoy watching Vh1 together and we still know most of the ad jingles.

People who are in their childhood phase will never go through this and I feel sad for them. It is totally fine for people to get Netflix and conveniently binge-watch their shows but to me, it is still a weird concept.

Whoever created the idea of Netflix is a genius, he/she has changed people’s lifestyles and I applaud that, but I can’t see myself joining this same herd.

I would always stick to watching TV and I have no regrets.

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