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I have been a very religious cricket fan since I turned 9 and so it is only customary that I believe cricket is the best sport in the world.

Being a cricket fangirl is hard enough in India and on top of that, I have always had my male friends and brothers nagging me, trying to get me to watch football and so I thought it was time that I finally test the game out.

I went out to watch the first ever live football game of my life at JLN Stadium in Delhi when my team Delhi Dynamos FC was playing against Bengaluru FC (BFC).

We had been at the bottom of the table and I was surprised to see that we still had a VERY HUGE crowd supporting us. The atmosphere was electrifying, the fans were cheering, the faces were painted and everyone was smiling wide.

I was surprised because I felt as if I was just sitting at Ferozeshah Kotla watching a cricket game.

I am not exaggerating when I say this but I was probably the only girl out of 6-7 others in a stadium full of almost 400-500 guys. I felt intimidated at first but I didn’t care.

I had read up on the rules beforehand, I had my team’s flag in my hand and I was ready to give in my 100% to support my team.

I shouted when we missed the penalty, I cheered when we scored a goal, I cussed when we were awarded a yellow card and I did just about everything I would have done had I been at an India Vs Pakistan cricket game.

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I didn’t have boys asking me to shut up because girls-don’t-know-about-football and I was thankful for it.

I was even more thankful that we won 2-0 (UMM, YES, MY LADY LUCK WORKED) and I was thankful that I got to be a part of something as passionate and pure as a group of random strangers laughing and crying and hugging each other because their team just won.

My team which was languishing at the bottom of the points table had just upset the best team in the league. None of us could believe it. WE WERE ALL JUST SHOCKED AND SHAKEN AND VERY, VERY SURPRISED.

We were all shouting, we were all booing, and with my throat sore from all the chanting, I had finally realized that I had come home.

I had found a new sport, a new team and a new player to idolize because when you have been a sports fan for far too long, you look forward to the highs and lows the game brings to you.

I hadn’t harbored any hopes for an exciting experience because I was a stubborn cricket fan who believed that only her sport is the best.

I had only expected a mediocre night with my friends but what I got was probably another sport to rep and worship. I was fascinated, mesmerized and thoroughly in love with each of those 90 minutes.

For me, the football vs cricket debate ended that day because when you celebrate your player, your team with other people, the joy you get is unadulterated and unparalleled.

The rules don’t matter, the stats don’t matter, what truly matters is the passion you see on and off the field.

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