Watch: 21 Major Cities Might Run Out Of Water; India Has Only 5 Years To Act

Disclaimer: Originally published in June 2019. It is being republished since it still remains an interesting topic till today. 

The Paris Agreement made in COP 21 (Conference of Parties, where all member nations come together to deal with the issue of climate change) states that all parties would strive to keep the increase in global average temperatures “well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels”.

This was one after IPCC, the scientific body that assesses climate change, reported that if the temperature rises above 2°C above pre-industrial the effect of climate change on the world will be adverse and it will hit the developing nations the hardest.

Dr. Ken Caldeira, an atmospheric scientist at the Carnegie Institution for Science said in an interview “there is a 93 per cent chance that global warming will exceed 4°C by the end of this century”.

India, the second most populous country, is in crisis.

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Around 100 million people in the country are on the edge of facing water crisis. 21 major cities are expected to run out of water within a few years.

A UN human rights report says that we are facing a situation right now that will result in ‘Climate Apartheid’ where only the rich will be able to afford basic necessities in the face of droughts, heatwaves and famines.

India is expected to take over China as the world’s most populous country within a decade by adding over 416 million people by 2050 which will far exceed its water supply, according to the UN and NITI Aayog.

According to experts, India has 5 years to act.

Now, we don’t have to wait for the future to face a water crisis, we are already there!

Sources: Niti Aayog, DTE, CNN, Independent

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