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Hey, how’s your morning going?

Mine is pretty slow.

But while sipping my coffee and thinking about random things, I have come to a realisation. We millennials can’t handle failure!

No, it’s not just my opinion but rather a statistically accepted fact. We have been trained to be robots and chase success by the previous generations so much that when failure hits us early in life, we don’t know how to handle it.

Our previous generations saw hardships upfront in their day-to-day life. Hence, they know how to deal with any situation. But we millennials tend to lose our cool and more often than not give up when failure strikes.

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Today, we millennials have a higher rate of suicides, depression cases and mental stress than any of the generations before us. This directly relates to our inability to handle failure.

Every day when I see fellow youngsters deal with low scores, defeat or losing an argument even, I see them not being able to handle the stress that ensues along with it.

And hey, I am no better. I have cried over bad grades and failing subjects as much as any other millennial out there. Definitely guilty and not proud of it.

millennials can't handle failure

Another trend that has taken root in our millennial generation is that we have glorified failure in order to deal with it. So, any millennial’s first reaction to failure is either ‘noo, sob-sob or ‘awesome, now I have a story to share when I am successful’.

Both of these reactions are harmful on their own. Glorifying failure doesn’t make you realise your mistake and improve upon it. It only tells you how to keep on adding failures in your hood to weave a beautiful success story if ever that happens.

This kind of thought process doesn’t leave any scope for improvement and therefore, forms a vicious circle of failures.

So, to all the millennials out there. Let failures teach you, don’t fall prey to idolising them or don’t let them bog you down. Wait. Accept. Learn. Move On.

Until next time then?

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