Women can’t drive. The sooner you admit it, the better.

A woman behind the wheel is like Thanos in Avengers. You gotta dread it, run from it but destiny still arrives and there’s a 100% chance that destiny will do a facepalm as the woman crashes her vehicle and then proceeds to blame everyone but herself.

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Back to the topic, let’s talk about why women can’t drive and before you brand me a sexist, you may want to read until the end of the article.

When I say that women can’t drive, it comes with a heavy set of observations that I’ve made over the years. Most women do it to look good behind the wheel and for some strange reason, post on Snapchat about it.

Anatomy stands testament to the fact that men have better instincts and can process things faster so to turn a car in the middle of the road won’t exactly be a task of 20 minutes as compared to our feminine counterparts, who believe the road is their canvas and the public waiting on it are spectators of their art.

Honey, they just want you to move the f**k on.

Now, the generalization does have its rare exceptions, sure. But on a macro scale, the number of these exceptions is… not a lot.

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Be it not being able to deal with traffic, not being able to parallel park or manoeuvre swiftly in tight spaces, crossing an intersection in the middle of a green light without checking on both sides for incoming traffic and thinking that they can get away with it because they have a puppy dog face and a wallet full of cash are some of the major problems which female drivers create.

Women Can't Drive
“Did you just say that you’ll still fine me, regardless of how flawless I am?”

I’ve seen all categories and kinds of these species who believe that IT IS OKAY if you just stepped on someone’s foot at a speed of 80 kmph.

Another interesting species are the careful ones, who take their inherent need to be perfect in everything they do too seriously and drive so slowly that you feel like running them over.

It doesn’t end here, though. Most women who drive a car seem to thrive on some sort of superiority complex which makes them argue more than usual in order to get people to agree with them, even if they are wrong.

But wait… Don’t men do that, too?

But… But… Ah, shit. That changes the whole dynamic.

Told you not to brand me a sexist. Saying that women can’t drive seems a bit of an overstatement.

It’s the general public these days, be it men or women which loses its shit over minor issues and starts off feuds right in the middle of the road, takes out their frustration over other people because of poor driving skills only because dear mommy and dear daddy gave them the car keys at their 18th birthday.

Women Can't Drive

Needless to say, rash driving is a “cool” thing to do and posting Snapchat is the new fad and adhering to traffic rules and not being a prick on the road is just… overrated.

It’s a tough world for old souls, man. A tough world with bad drivers.

Drivers who are so damn slow that they depress the crowd and then those who think of the roads as an F1 track. Your job is to stay in the middle.

Don’t drive if you can’t.

But if you can, just be responsible about it. Stay safe. Happy Sunday.

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  1. What an idiot you are. Bigoted ‘lad’ who wastes his time writing rubbish like this to make you feel better about yourself.


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