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If you are active on Instagram and are also well-connected with your friends who are in a relationship, you must be aware of the cringe-worthy content that I am going to talk about.

Insta-couples is a new term that refers to Instagram Couples. When we talk of Instagram Couples, they are those people who are in a relationship or are married and like to brag about their love on the social media platform.

This unique class of people are those who may be fighting behind the scenes but have successfully made #CoupleGoals trend, making most of the single people out there, gawking at those images, get intimidated. 

And mind you, I am not a jealous lone wolf who’s cribbing about their loneliness, taking out frustration on innocent couples making their story coated in love go viral. 

It’s not a loner’s disappointment but a genuine concern. When I say that Insta-couples are the worst thing on Instagram, I do mean to some extent that they, by posting an unnecessary amount of pictures, make a lot of people cringe. But I want to clarify that I am NOT generalizing. Rather, I do believe that some couples are genuine and cute but those who keep on posting a new pic with hundreds of hashtags like #MyHubby and #WorldsBestBoyfriend every day make me think twice.

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There are three facets of this entire scenario. 

The first facet is that posting sometimes is fine but having a separate account just to post couple pictures, isn’t that too much? Also, if you are singing your love story to the entire world, please do not leave social media out when you fight.

If we are forced to look at images of public display of love, we deserve to be informed about fights. And, don’t forget us to make us privy to your breakup story. Don’t keep us in dark. 

The second and more serious facet is raising the standards. While some Insta-couples upload normal images of themselves doing mundane tasks, others post over-the-top images which may raise the bar, in all the wrong senses.

It creates unnecessary greed in the hearts and minds of those followers who are in a relationship. They try to replicate the life showcased on Instagram, without bothering themselves with the real world stuff like fights and disagreements that are hidden behind these images.

Social media stress is a thing that even psychologists are talking about. Considering that we already have a lot on our plate, the expectations created by these Insta-couples also add to the pressure for new and maybe immature couples.

The third and final facet involves single people. Though they show that their life is the best because they have a sense of freedom, we need to remember that loneliness hits everyone, sooner or later.

And whenever it hits, it hits hard, at times sucking the person into the dark hole of depression. While scrolling social media, they look at happy images of people having companions, their loneliness is amplified. 

I would like to make it clear once again that I have nothing against Instagram couples. I am happy that people are finding love and I am not burdening them with the responsibility of thinking about the happiness and mental well-being of others (they should think themselves). All I am asking them is to stop crowding our Instagram feed with their images.

Social media is a personal space, do whatever you wish to par ab bacche ki jaan loge kya?

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