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These are chaotic times, and surviving through the conundrums of life is a difficult task. On one such occasion, as I was laying down, I came across a perfect lo-fi playlist to cheer me up. 

What is lo-fi music? 

There are some technical distortions made to a song to make it “low fidelity” which makes use of every genre of music and mellows it out.

I often sit in front of my laptop and play soft Chill hop or “Lo-fi Girl” music from YouTube when I’m looking for a cozy ambient noise as a backdrop to my work. My eyes dilate and I instantly operate faster, there’s an uncanny rhythm to the ambient music which makes your cognitive skills smoother.

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In my personal opinion, I’ve shared some of my therapeutic playlists to many people and have been approached with rather remarkable reviews on the same.

It’s by far the most advantageous activity for me before an exam that stimulates all the energy towards the frontal lobe of my brain and makes me focus. I generally prefer my curated version on Spotify or YouTube. 

Over a period of time, the YouTube algorithm starts manifesting diverse playlists that are centered on lo-fi music and I find myself having enough to last a lifetime, literally. 

There is a sense of being displaced when you’re listening to lo-fi; as if you’re in the middle of a breezy meadow and the flower petals are scattered over your face lightly. Nothing less than a stress-buster, the subgenres under lo-fi have the power to eradicate all your blues and cheer you up in no time. 

Some of my favourite lo-fi songs are:

  • Drifting by Frad and Elijah Lee
  • Sakura Trees by Saib
  • A Simple Bunny Girl by Biosphere
  • The Girl I Haven’t Met by Kudasaibeats
  • I’m Closing My Eyes by Potsu
  • Taste Of Your Love by Mochi
  • First Date by Frad 
  • Hot Milk by Snail’s House. 
  • Kimi by Lilac
  • Eternal Youth by Rude
  • Mist by Eevee
  • Miracle by Karasu
  • Ode To The Moon by Raimu
  • Lost Legend by Trophat Panda
  • Jocelyn Flores by Talulah Tate

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