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Lockdown has bestowed us with plenty of anxiety and worries that we never asked for. Although the country has been gradually unlocked and various services have been resumed, we students are still sitting at home with nothing but online classes to keep us company.

Indeed, situations like these are long-drawn and we can’t just run away from them. We have to face them one way or the other but we can certainly escape from them for a short time. And I am sure we all have got our secret space that makes us forget the problems of the real world. 

This space could be a hobby, a destination, a dream, or anything. I don’t know about others, but my secret space is watching Shinchan. Yes, a 5-year-old mischievous boy who can make you roll in the aisles with laughter. I even have explanations to back my guilty pleasure.

Stress Buster

After a tough day, watching a kid creating havoc for the people around him is nothing less than a stress buster. You never know what he might do next. Watching Shinchan is the best way to forget about your projects, assignments, tests, and daily chores, even if it is only for a while.

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Hilarious Characters

Not only Shinchan but all the characters have their own temperament, be it his pet Shiro, parents, sister, friends, teachers, and even neighbours.

Take Shinchan’s friend Bo-Chan for example, who always has a trail of mucus trickling down his nose with which he can perform various tricks like it’s nobody’s business. Strange but cool!

Good Storyline

Each episode of Shinchan has an interesting storyline. Even if the content is weird and unnatural, it still tickles your funny bone.  

Shinchan was banned earlier in India because of the profane and nude content but it started airing again after the censor board re-examined it and made it a kid-friendly cartoon. 

For All Age Groups

In India, 60% of the cartoon watching population includes teenagers and adults. Irrespective of your age, Shinchan will entertain you with his hysterical jokes and weird dance.

It has been a hard day today, let me watch a few episodes of Shinchan!

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  1. With censoring & cuts, it’s in kids domain in India & is very enjoyable indeed, but originally it’s a manga/anime which is categorised as seinen, ie – not for kids but adults of all ages because it’s main power points are in its jokes & humour on language, words and creative adult-targetted humour. Since I’m acquainted with japanese also, I’ve watched both the series & the cut/rebundled version is very watered down with only the basic comedy element remaining.


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