Watch: Famous Cartoons Which Were Inspired By Real Life Characters

The cartoons you knew, the inspiration you didn't.

We all watched cartoons as kids. Some people even watch them after growing up! Well, you can’t blame them, cartoons are indeed stress relievers.

They are normally the work of the imagination of their creators. But sometimes, these cartoons are inspired by real people or animals, who become timeless after being incarnated into these cartoons.

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Usually, cartoons are created to make people laugh and be joyous. But sometimes, even though they make people happy, their own real-life stories are tragedic.

There are many such famous cartoons that we thought were imaginary. However, they are inspired by real characters, from the creator’s life.

Here are a few cartoons which were based on real characters:

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Reader Digest, Mental Floss, The Sun

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