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Being part of the city that dwells in nostalgia, there comes a time when reality sets in and people keep vying for money more than this dream realm. A city of escapades is no longer the comfort zone but filling coffers and selling their soul. 

What About It?

As a guy whose office is in Mumbai, but still working from the comfort of my own home in Kolkata, I see people packing their bags and scooting off to various places. In the longer run, it does make sense to leave the nest but the relationships we make, the friendships we have, transcend into something that becomes a void and eventually longingness for home.

The people who I would call my brothers, once together, now we are at the precipice of being scattered throughout the world. In a matter of days, we will be spread across Dehradun, Siliguri and Bangalore in India, and to the United Kingdom, Germany and Japan worldwide. 

Weekends = Football, but for how long?

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Now, going abroad and wherever life takes you is fine, but one cannot deny the changes in dynamics that will happen. One will never be in the city as a resident but only as a tourist. 

Nothing Is Quite The Same

From being one call away for a hangout to calling once in a blue moon to catch up, from playing football every weekend to staying home because none of the homies is here, from the crazy house parties where everyone was there to meet one or two of them at a bar, we all realise that life happened. 

From hanging out throughout Durga Puja to maybe being lucky enough to get a chance to meet them, from having a fun evening in Park Street during Christmas to hoping they return during New Year’s, the paradigm of friendship changed hands. 

No one knows which city we will end up in…

Maybe it was correct when Andy Bernard from The Office said, “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve left them.”


As I write this, I think it has been ages since I penned down my feelings. Will I miss them? Sure. Will I let them know that? Hell, no. Maybe, someday as I grow old, I will see these people back again. Maybe, we all will be in a whole new city but we all will be there together and we will relive the good old days. 

I see my father and his close-knit friends live mere 10-15 minutes apart and I cannot help but now realise that these would be the nights to remember. Anyway, I will keep it short for an early morning read, I got one of those parties to attend.

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