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It was not long ago that a time existed when I would be in a Snow White/Sleeping Beauty like slumber till 11-12 in the morning with no plans to speak of after I woke up. Oh, what a bliss it was! Watch a movie, sleep, wake up, eat, watch another movie and… you get the point.

This is basically how my college break went by. Stuck in this endless cycle. It was fun, no doubt, but sleeping till noon took away precious time that I could have utilized for something productive.

It was then that I realized that while I was sleeping while other people were working, collaborating, and creating. I was missing out on a ton of opportunities that I could have capitalized on.

And further, I was messing with my own body. This irregular cycle of sleep was confusing my circadian cycle and leaving it confused about how tired I really was. What it did is give me a feeling of perpetual tiredness throughout the day, even though I had slept for 10+ hours.

Adding on to that, waking up that late meant that I couldn’t get a proper breakfast, thus screwing up my diet as well.

This double attack on my productivity left me contemplating and watching videos on YouTube. After sifting through the clickbait, I found a few videos with good reviews and excellent comments.

And all that the videos said was- WAKE UP EARLY!

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I tried that. And I failed. The first day I tried to wake up at 5, I shut off my phone and buried my head in the pillow. On the second day though, I set my alarm tone as an irritating rooster sound and kept my phone 5 feet away so that I would HAVE to get up and shut it off.

Frankly, that was it. Even though I was a bit tired when I woke up, it faded in an hour or so. After that, it was off to the races. I had so much extra time to get work done, and so much more energy to actually do all this stuff.

This created such a sense of positive reinforcement in my mind that, YES, I can do this and not lie in bed contemplating how crappy my life is. This was further reinforced when I watched this video. It really encapsulated my own journey and made me realize that this lifestyle change could actually be more momentous than I thought.

Also, the sense of challenge that this entire endeavor provided to a couch potato like me was immense. This goal-oriented nature of waking up early each day not only helped me get up on time (duh) but also made me what I like to call goal-ify all the things I had to do.

This was basically breaking large projects into small chunks and then setting the completion of one chunk as a goal. So, for example, waking up involved, actually physically getting up, washing my face, going to the toilet, bathing, breakfast etc.

Now that I had broken it down, I realized it was damn easy. And I actually kinda liked it, this change in lifestyle. Although I did miss waking up like a royal after a rave, this lifestyle did have its perks.

Adding on to this is the fact that I could now get a proper breakfast and get into the groove for some work. It opened up an entire arena that I didn’t know existed.

And this is how I fell in love, with waking up fresh, not feeling like crap throughout the day, and actually doing something instead of idling around like a buffoon.

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